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How to do less, be more and love yourself first

The title makes a big claim. The average person might read it and think — nope, that’s not how life works and move on with doing…stuff. And that is why they are living an average life that’s all turned around: doing more, being less and loving themselves last. You though, yeah you, are pretty sure there was a glint of treasure buried there. You saw the shiny gold of truth, the sparkle of a possibility and just knew that with a little digging you could get the treasure.

As an extra-ordinary person you did not turn away. You turned towards, you turned inwards and most importantly you want it and I love that. Now that we know we are the same kind of people and what I have to offer is perfect for you — we can dive in to How to do less, be more and love yourself first.

Grab something to take notes with (no, you’ll rub it off the back of your hand — yes, your phone is great) so you can get closer to changing your life.

Quick Self-Check:

Do you want to improve your life?

Are you willing to improve your life?

Are you excited to improve your life?

Yes. Yes. Yes!

We are going to start with the results. To love yourself first is the greatest gift you can give the world. You show up brighter, bolder and with a passion that can’t be faked and in that place of authentic greatness people and opportunities will be drawn to your like a magnet. And it is more than that. It’s awesome to be charismatic and cared for but the gift of living as your authentic self will elevate everything internally as well. Living in alignment with your values, taking care of the things that really matter to you, feeding your soul the food it craves — that is invaluable. That is real living and if you aren’t there yet? It’s closer than you think and it starts with who you are being.

Be more…of what? This is where a little work comes in, and I know you’re ready for it. In fact, I believe that you are totally excited for it. You’re extra-ordinary remember! To be more means to live in alignment with your values, your beliefs and your purpose. While this can absolutely tie into business and career, the focus is much broader that that. It encapsulates your whole self and life because while you can change what you do, deep don’t you can’t change who you are — and the point is to be more of who you are in all the areas of your life. Then you can do less by allowing all the busy work and BS that doesn’t fit — to just fall away.

Task: Who are you?

1. Reflect on what you value above all else. When you have come up with 3-5 write them down.

2. For each value come up with guidelines for you to follow on how to embody the value.

3. Answer this question for each value: What do I need to believe about myself, the world and my purpose in order to live in alignment with my values?

4. What must you stop doing right now, in the next month and in the next 6+ months to start being more of your authentic self?

This might take you some time and that is okay. It will take as long as you need it to and you can revisit this task as many times as you need to. The only way to not do this correctly is to not do it at all.

Now you’ve seen How to do less, be more and love yourself first. You have all the tools within you already to make it happen and I look forward to seeing you shine.

It is so important for as many people as possible to be living in alignment as their whole and authentic selves.

Share this blog, tell people about how you are going to start being more you and talk to me about what changes you are making as a result.

Comment, share and start living your life on your terms.

- Nikki Wouters: Coach & Creator

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