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Letting Go for Growth: Adjusting your relationship with Social Media

Today we meet each other here in the wonderful, chaotic and totally bonkers world Online.

  • Where boundaries are both completely ignored and more necessary than ever.

  • Where genuine connection, love and community has infinite capacity to flourish and yet seems few and far between.

  • Where we can find ourselves and yet…more often we lose ourselves.

This isn’t a letter about demonising the digital world.

It is an offer, an opportunity, a request really of trying a new way.

To allow ourselves (you & me) to find the peace we seek, to unlock the power we sense and to finally tap into the true potential of this infinitely curious space we find ourselves in every day.

And while this isn’t directly about business there will be a noticeable shift in how you are showing up online as a business owner. Because as you change inside, the reflection outside is just as felt.

Adjusting Your Relationship with social media

Where to Meet Yourself

Wherever you are - truly.

You might currently HATE the fact that the internet exists.

You might LOATHE the need to be here tapping away.

You might secretly LUST after the success stories you see.

You might FEAR the amount of unknown online.

And maybe it’s all of these and more.

The biggest trap we can fall into is wishing we are not who we are, where we are and as we are.

By meeting yourself in the moment - this particular moment - you suddenly have access to a depth of power that can only come when grounded in the Now. There is no regretting the past or longing for the future to tear us away from what is. If you find yourself feeling lost, overwhelmed or out of sorts after a session online...these are signs that this is the work you need to be doing. The work of Letting Go and Waking Up. Let's begin with a check up.

Are you in the Now?


Take a moment to check.

  1. Scan yourself mind (thoughts), body (emotions) and soul (intuition) to see what’s coming up.

  2. Acknowledge what is from the past or future and allow it to pass.

  3. Acknowledge and allow in only what is Now.


You probably aren’t used to being here in the Now, so if you slip out of it or catch yourself back tracking or forward hopping in time lovingly call yourself back in.

Letting Go

“I seek to control only what is in my control.” - Nikki

I’m quoting myself here because it’s a good remembrance. The more you allow yourself to honour that so much of life, of business, of the internet, of creation ISN’T in our control the freer you become to fully embrace what is within your control.

The need to hold onto control with both hands is taught to us from a very young age as we watched those around lose all reason when things didn’t go their way.

And we are still witnessing this conditioning being reinforced each day in marketing, in our relationships and the way we ourselves might be micromanaging each and every aspect of life.

(Like, I LOVE a colour coded diary but only when it is inspired from a place of creativity and not a need to compartmentalise and prioritise each aspect of my life.)

When it comes to giving up control - the bane of being present - you will notice yourself falling into the habit of justifying why you need to keep it.

  • It might momentarily soothe the overwhelm.

  • Convince your stress that you’re ‘doing something about the problem’.

  • Distract you from what is triggering you in this moment.

But, my lovely soul friend, you deserve more than a life that is built on fear and obsessive control.

Meet Yourself in the Moment

Some advice to end with today:

  1. Do whatever you need to do in order to train yourself to be present. This might look like have certain hours of the day where you don’t multi-task or use your phone. Or, where you ask the questions that help you connect to the present.

  2. Although it goes against your training, the NEED to be in control is a sign you are out of control and out of the present. Tap into resources that teach you ways to regulate your nervous system, calm your mind and body and honour your emotions.

  3. Remind yourself why you desire to be more present. Affirmations. Visualisations. Journalling. Do what works for you.

There is so much to this topic.

It is deep and it is also simple.

I trust this has served.

If it has served you, please take a moment to respond and leave a comment letting me know what landed or what you feel called to do about it.

And if this was the moment - here and now - that you realise that you are ready to work with me more closely I’d love to share with you my new Intuitive Services list which you can find HERE.

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Nikki Wouters Intuitive coach

Love, trust and pixie dust. Your Intuitive Coach, Nikki x

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