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Warning: Check Your Business Alignment

Today I am going to be your business mechanic: don’t worry I’m not going to sell you parts you don’t need or even charge you for this!

A complimentary service on me.

Nikki - Your Intuitive Coach!

Now, if you are like most of us then when you started working on your business there was a LOT of ‘figure it out as you go’ strategy.

“Feel the fear and do it anyway!”

“Say YES and figure out how!”

“Just get started!”

The beautiful thing about this approach at the start is you are training yourself to release resistance, ease the friction and get moving.

And YOU NEEDED THIS because most businesses fail not because the concept wasn’t good enough or the owner wasn’t smart enough - they just lost momentum. At some stage the ‘figure it out as you go’ strategy won’t cut it anymore.

To bring it back to the mechanic analogy: you are putting a litre of fuel in at a time and wondering why it’s so hard to get anywhere!

So what needs to change?

When you are running off small bursts of energy, inspiration and motivation it actually wears you out faster. It’s exhausting to be in that state of “OMFG I JUST NEED TO GET OUT THERE AND DO THE THING AND HERE I GOOOOO!”

As your business grows, or attempts to grow, there are more and more tasks to do and each requires your time and attention. If you are in a constant state of dramatic tension (see example above) you can only get so far before breaking down again.

So let’s get you into alignment.

Alignment requires you to know the direction you want to be heading in and your preferred time frame of getting there. Without a clear guidance system you will find yourself off path, off task and off schedule all of which brings you back to a state of stress and reaction.

The following questions are to begin guiding you back into alignment:

1. Why are you in business?

2. What do you desire to achieve?

3. When would you like to achieve these by?

4. What are you willing and NOT willing to do to achieve them?

5. What is the most sustainable way for you to plan and implement your journey?

You won’t need to have these perfect, and yes they might change or require a tune up. The beauty to having set your answers down though means you can have a reliable map to help you move forward.

Now you can respond not simply react.

Well done on moving your business more into alignment! I’d love to hear in the comments how this went and what needed to shift for you?

And if you know that this conservation needs to go further so that you can go further too, join our community over on FB.

Nikki x

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