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Sacred Creativity

Welcome to the Sacred Creativity group, a transformative online community dedicated to nurturing the creative spirit in all of us.

In a world that often demands productivity and expertise, we believe that creativity deserves to be honoured, explored, and celebrated, regardless of skill, reason, or profession.

We are here to create a sacred space where you can embark on a deeply personal and healing journey of self-expression, connection, and growth.

- Nikki Wouters

Street Art

Unleash Your Creative Potential

Imagine a community where judgment and expectation melt away, replaced by a warm embrace of acceptance and encouragement. Here, you are invited to tap into the wellspring of your creativity, without fear or self-doubt.


We believe that within every individual lies a wellspring of untapped potential, waiting to be discovered and nurtured. Whether you're a seasoned artist, a passionate hobbyist, or someone who simply yearns to reconnect with their artistic spirit, Sacred Creativity is here to guide and inspire you.

Street Art

Olga G

Women's Circle Leader + Life Coach at Wild & Wise

Nikki has made a huge difference is guiding me to managing my capacity.


I realised that I wasn’t where I wanted to be because I had too much on my plate (physically, emotionally and energetically).


I was overwhelmed, overcommitted and suffering from “shiny ball syndrome”.


Nikki supported me to narrow my focus and park everything else that wasn’t in alignment.

Teresa T

Teresa Springall’s Bodywork & Healing

I’ve gone from complete overwhelm & not even sure if I wanted to do a business to CLARITY & CERTAINTY in just one session.




And Nikki’s given me such great tools to use for if I go back into overwhelm again & given me the confidence I need to move forward.

So so grateful - thanks Nikki


Discover a Safe Haven

At Sacred Creativity, we understand the power of a safe and nurturing space.


Our online community is designed as a sanctuary, free from judgment and expectation. It is a place where vulnerability is celebrated, where mistakes are seen as stepping stones on the path to growth, and where you are free to explore and experiment without limitations. Our supportive community of like-minded individuals is waiting to welcome you with open arms, ready to embark on this creative journey alongside you.

Street Art

The Healing Power of Creativity

Creativity is a powerful force that goes beyond mere artistic expression. It has the potential to heal, nourish, and rejuvenate the soul.


Through the act of creating, we tap into the depths of our being, uncovering hidden emotions, unearthing forgotten dreams, and unlocking a wellspring of inner wisdom.


Sacred Creativity is here to help you harness this transformative power, allowing you to experience the profound healing that comes from honouring your creative spirit.

Your Creative Adventure Awaits

As a member of Sacred Creativity, you will have access to a wealth of resources, inspiring workshops, and a supportive community of fellow creatives.


Immerse yourself in a rich tapestry of virtual events, interactive discussions, and personalised feedback to nurture your artistic growth. From painting to writing, from music to dance, our diverse offerings cater to a wide range of creative interests, ensuring that there is something for everyone.

Street Art

 Join the Waitlist 

Although we are still putting the finishing touches on our community, we are excited to invite you to join our waitlist. By signing up, you will be among the first to know when we launch and have the opportunity to secure your spot in this enchanting journey of self-discovery and creative expression.


Don't miss the chance to be part of an extraordinary community that celebrates and cherishes the transformative power of creativity.

The Coven Mastermind is a sacred and powerful container so all members are required to jump on a call with Nikki before being initiated in.

Your Creative Adventure Awaits

Sacred Creativity is more than just an online community; it's a sanctuary for your soul, a place where your artistic dreams can take flight, and a haven where you will be embraced as your authentic creative self. We invite you to embark on this extraordinary adventure with us, where healing, nourishment, and inspiration await. Join the waitlist today and be prepared to unlock the magic of your own Sacred Creativity.


  • Do I get 1:1 time with Nikki?
    The Membership gives you 1:1 access to Nikki's support during our live sessions & Q&A Calls as time permits. You may also submit your questions for Nikki to answer within the FB Community, or interact with our weekly posts and she will answer within working hours. If you are seeking 1:1 support consider Booking a Session with Nikki or signing up for the 6 Month Coaching Program.
  • What happens if I cannot attend the live sessions?
    Our Membership is designed to fit in with YOU, and can be entirely self-paced and utilised in whichever way is best for you. And you are able to leave comments, connect with Nikki or ask specific questions to get the support you need. There is no expectation or obligation to attend any of the live sessions, and you have 24/7 access to the facebook group, replays, and all other content so you can access and utilise it when it best suits you.
  • Is this all online?
    Yes, The Soul-led & Satisfied Membership is entirely online and can be accessed all around the world!
  • How often are the sessions & how do they run?
    Live sessions run online through Zoom video calls, each are typically between 60 – 90 minutes long, and effort is made to hold the classes at a time to suit the community worldwide. Live attendance is completely optional, as the Membership is designed to fit in with YOU, and can be entirely self-paced and utilised in whichever way is best for you. Our Membership is designed to include at a range of calls including Q&A, Masterclasses, Guest Speakers, Share Sessions and is also designed to be open to change and flow depending on what Nikki feels guided to do when considering the group’s needs, preferences, and other factors.
  • How do the payments work?
    Following your first payment you will gain access to the Membership FB Group, Calendar and Content. For Annual Members (pay for 12 months at a time) you will also gain access to the Bonus Library. If you miss a payment you will be sent an email to restart your payments. If you fail to restart your payments your access to the Membership will be withheld and you’ll lose access to the calls, content and support until it's restarted. If you are having difficulty restarting your payments contact the team at
  • Can I cancel my contract & request a refund?
    We think you’ll love being a Soul-led & Satisfied Member and won’t want to cancel your membership, but if you wish to leave you have 30 Days to request a refund for Annual Members. And for monthly Members there is a 3 month minimum commitment after which you can cancel at any time. If you experience financial hardship during the time of your membership contact Nikki immediately at for immediate support and assistance.
Street Art
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