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The Coven

Business Mastermind

Welcome home, Magic-Maker.

It's time to tap into your gifts, unlock your potential and finally flourish as an entrepreneur.


Transforming your life and business from mundane to magic is not only possible

- it is so much closer than you think.

"The Coven Mastermind was born from a desire to help heal the wounds of the entrepreneurs who didn’t fit the mould.

And then empower them to OWN their uniqueness without apology." 

- Nikki Wouters

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It's a relief to can be done the way YOU WANT TO DO IT. And it suits me.

You have helped me turn my life and business around. I am truly grateful. 

So, what's The Coven like?

Our approach is far from ordinary, as we respect your unique essence and guide you to unlock the full potential of your divine gifts.


Within our enchanting Mastermind, we honour the intricate dance of mind, body, soul, and business alignment. We understand that true success lies not only in financial gains but also in the deep fulfilment that arises from living a purpose-driven life.

Divine Business Blueprint Course:

Gain exclusive access to our signature program, the Divine Business Blueprint Course. This immersive experience combines practical strategies with soul-aligned wisdom, empowering you to align your natural gifts and talents with purposeful action so you can unleash your unique brilliance and elevate your business to extraordinary heights!

Empowering Mastermind Sessions:

Immerse yourself in our vibrant community of like-minded visionaries. Through our empowering mastermind and coven sessions, you'll ignite your entrepreneurial spirit, spark innovation, and embrace the power of collective intelligence. Engage in dynamic discussions, share insights, and elevate each other to achieve greatness. Together, we'll transcend limitations, unleash innovation, and create a ripple effect of success.

Mind, Body, Soul & Business Alignment:

Embrace the alchemy of holistic alignment as we empower you to harmonise your mind, body, and soul with your entrepreneurial journey. Through immersive practices, rituals, and teachings, you'll cultivate a powerful state of congruence. Nourish your well-being, awaken your personal power, and radiate an irresistible energy that magnetises abundance.


Experience the fusion of personal growth and business success as you align your entire being with your divine purpose.

Manifestation Mastery:

Unleash the art of manifestation and embrace a world of boundless opportunities. We'll empower you to harness the forces of intuition, mindset mastery, and energetic alignment, enabling you to effortlessly attract and manifest the desires of your heart. Step into a realm of peace, grace, and ease as you manifest the extraordinary in your life and business.

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Olga G

Women's Circle Leader + Life Coach at Wild & Wise

Nikki has made a huge difference is guiding me to managing my capacity.


I realised that I wasn’t where I wanted to be because I had too much on my plate (physically, emotionally and energetically).


I was overwhelmed, overcommitted and suffering from “shiny ball syndrome”.


Nikki supported me to narrow my focus and park everything else that wasn’t in alignment.

Teresa T

Teresa Springall’s Bodywork & Healing

I’ve gone from complete overwhelm & not even sure if I wanted to do a business to CLARITY & CERTAINTY in just one session.




And Nikki’s given me such great tools to use for if I go back into overwhelm again & given me the confidence I need to move forward.

So so grateful - thanks Nikki


Awaken your entrepreneurial magic, align with your purpose, and create a business that radiates with your divine essence.


Join us now and become part of a vibrant collective of visionaries, where dreams are nurtured, personal power is amplified, and success knows no bounds!

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Why this works

Business ISN'T a solo journey and you weren't meant to go it alone.

Working on the mind, body and soul levels make breaking free from the matrix possible.

Learning how to prioritise self love, gratitude and healing opens a new world to you.

Your intuition - when trained - is the secret weapon you never knew you had.

Soul-led strategies help you embrace your power and are aligned with your purpose.


Deeper into the Process...

So you are prepared to embark on a journey of self-discovery, expansion, and profound transformation here are some of the ways The Coven can support you with our V.I.S.I.O.N Process.



Get clear on EXACTLY what lights you up from business models, to branding, to building a life that honours your goals AND your soul.


Learning to tap into your Inner Guidance System is the most important skill you will develop as a business owner. Learn to listen, trust and follow your Intuition and it will never steer you wrong.


This is where the WOO-WOO meets WORK. Navigate social media, selling your services and planning your next launch authentically and strategically.


After Intuition, Implementation will become your next favourite word. No more sitting on your ideas. Coven Members take Inspired Action and create Magical Momentum in their business.​


Confidence, Clarity and Charisma. Become MAGNETIC AF by working in full alignment mind, body and soul. 


Business will ask a lot of you. That is why we prioritise the need to be whole, happy and healthy along the way. When wounds are triggered (and they will be) you will be taken care of.

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If you're still here with me then I know you are my kind of person. Magical. Creative. Built a little bit different.

And I want to personally invite you to:

The Coven

Hands on, hearts in and intuition activated coaching for men and women ready to own their magic and unique gifts.

The Coven Mastermind is a sacred and powerful container so all members are required to jump on a call with Nikki before being initiated in.


"I was always drawn to the magical side of life, manifestation and having my own personal spiritual rituals.


After working with Nikki I could release the programs that weren't mine and get on with the things that lit me up - which helped with my energy after years of going solo.


So with my new mindset and beliefs that serve ME I have now stretched myself further and joined the business mastermind The Coven where I am no longer looking at business as a hobby anymore and with Nikki's magical, abundant guidance getting my shit done!!"


Becs Haereroa

Empowerment Coach & Cultural Educator

What you'll experience within our community:

Business owners for the first time taking themselves seriously and OWNING THEIR PLACE in the market.


Breaking free from the past and healing on all levels in order to be SEEN AND HEARD as an authority.


Understanding their CORE DESIRES and identifying their NORTH STAR to stay the course.

Restructuring their current business to suit their UNIQUE MISSION AND VISION for impact over ego.

Claiming the importance of a SOUL-LED LIFE and business for happiness, health and wealth.

This is how we do it:


In this hour together, you will gain so much clarity and confidence in the direction you're heading and the Magic Milestones along the way.


Each month you will have another private coaching call with Nikki to make sure you are fully taken care of and getting her hands on guidance in your business.


This course is designed to help empower you to understanding your self, your vision and your business to a whole new level. No more second guessing your direction.


Intensive trainings exclusively designed to support your needs and aspirations and then elevate your experience to a whole new level.


In a safe, supportive and empowering space you will be encouraged to develop a deeper understanding of your self, your business and your path forward through educational content created with over 10 years teaching experience. 


Join a community that understands and is ready to champion you forward. With an extensive library of content and trainings this is a treasure trove of education, motivation and inspiration.

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"I am now a totally different person to the one I was when I first started working with Nikki. I take on challenges I never thought I would, I can pick myself up and refocus when things don't go my way, and I am so much more open, and relaxed to life as it unfolds.

I love having her [Nikki] in my corner and I am so grateful for who she is and her passion to help people.

I am forever grateful."

Michelle Webb

Coach & Founder of Budget 101 Academy

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Join The Coven


  • ​Monthly 1:1 Session with Nikki 

  • The Divine Business Blueprint Course

  • Weekly Group Coaching 

  • Live Trainings & Bootcamps

  • Exclusive FB Community

Payment Plan options upon request

The Coven Mastermind is a sacred and powerful container so all members are required to jump on a call with Nikki before being initiated in.


Curious to discover if The Coven is your next best step in business but have a few more questions?

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"I didn't really have a relationship at all with the Universe, with my spiritual side, I didn't understand what the word manifest meant.

I had a lot of resistance.

It's been replaced with my Bad Bitch Queen of Abundance who is absolutely owning her Queendom and the momentum I am building is amazing and I feel sensational."

Sharon Grant

The Sales Coach to Coaches & Consultants | Creator of Elegant Sales Success System | Int'l Keynoter


  • Do I get 1:1 time with Nikki?
    The Membership gives you 1:1 access to Nikki's support during our live sessions & Q&A Calls as time permits. You may also submit your questions for Nikki to answer within the FB Community, or interact with our weekly posts and she will answer within working hours. If you are seeking 1:1 support consider Booking a Session with Nikki or signing up for the 6 Month Coaching Program.
  • What happens if I cannot attend the live sessions?
    Our Membership is designed to fit in with YOU, and can be entirely self-paced and utilised in whichever way is best for you. And you are able to leave comments, connect with Nikki or ask specific questions to get the support you need. There is no expectation or obligation to attend any of the live sessions, and you have 24/7 access to the facebook group, replays, and all other content so you can access and utilise it when it best suits you.
  • Is this all online?
    Yes, The Soul-led & Satisfied Membership is entirely online and can be accessed all around the world!
  • How often are the sessions & how do they run?
    Live sessions run online through Zoom video calls, each are typically between 60 – 90 minutes long, and effort is made to hold the classes at a time to suit the community worldwide. Live attendance is completely optional, as the Membership is designed to fit in with YOU, and can be entirely self-paced and utilised in whichever way is best for you. Our Membership is designed to include at a range of calls including Q&A, Masterclasses, Guest Speakers, Share Sessions and is also designed to be open to change and flow depending on what Nikki feels guided to do when considering the group’s needs, preferences, and other factors.
  • How do the payments work?
    Following your first payment you will gain access to the Membership FB Group, Calendar and Content. For Annual Members (pay for 12 months at a time) you will also gain access to the Bonus Library. If you miss a payment you will be sent an email to restart your payments. If you fail to restart your payments your access to the Membership will be withheld and you’ll lose access to the calls, content and support until it's restarted. If you are having difficulty restarting your payments contact the team at
  • Can I cancel my contract & request a refund?
    We think you’ll love being a Soul-led & Satisfied Member and won’t want to cancel your membership, but if you wish to leave you have 30 Days to request a refund for Annual Members. And for monthly Members there is a 3 month minimum commitment after which you can cancel at any time. If you experience financial hardship during the time of your membership contact Nikki immediately at for immediate support and assistance.
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Throughout our time together we will work on honing your intuition to make decisions in business and life with confidence.

From uncovering your vision, unleashing your potential, to unburdening yourself from the past which no longer aligns - you will discover what it means to create YOUR business.

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