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30 Day Intuitive Forecast



Personal 30 Day Forecast to help you unlock your next best steps.

Valid for one month

I'd love to help you gain a lot more insight and clarity into your upcoming opportunities and obstacles over the next 30 Days so that you can stay in the flow, avoid the roadblocks and make sure you are heading in the right direction.

The 30 Day Intuitive Forecast is a comprehensive breakdown of your upcoming month, attuned to your current energy and the most aligned paths ahead.

And with a monthly overview and weekly focusses you can use this as your energetic cheatsheet throughout the entire month!

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Disclaimer: All services are intended to provide intuitive support, guidance and strategies to help you connect with yourself to create the life you desire. These services are not recommended as a substitute for seeking professional medical or mental health support. If you are suffering in any way, I encourage you to seek assistance from medical professionals.

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