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I'm an intuitive coach, artist and soul-led business witch who wants to change the world, by helping people rewire their minds  (and lives) for magic.

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In our world today, there is an unfortunate trend of big dreamers, but small believers and this means that there are too many people living as less than their whole self and showing up to life like it is a list of chores to check off before they check out. 

It doesn't have to be that way. 

You have everything you need to be the person you dream of, create a wildly successful life you love.

I'm Nikki Wouters Spiritual Life Coach, Creative Artist and life long devotee to becoming the go-to witch in the woods for soul seekers and dream chaser everywhere.

I lost over 10 years of LIVING my life because I thought it was already set it stone. I was on the path to attaining my goals and the good life as a teacher - but only on the surface.


Reconnecting with my Intuition saved me. When I learnt that the feelings in my heart, the calling in my soul and the power at my fingertips was REAL it opened a door that couldn’t be closed.


Every day I choose that door again.


And I am so excited to help you step down this pathway of magic, wonder and possibility too.


I know that life's too short to be unhappy, unsure, or unfulfilled and I bet you do too. Working together, we will discover what it takes to get you into action and moving with confidence towards your goals. Utilising the power already inside of you, a commitment to success and a variety of tools and support you will see amazing results. 


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