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About the Course

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The Survive to Thrive - 10 Day Course will help you get clear on what YOU need in order step into the fullness and abundance of life.

I believe that to live a thriving life requires three essential elements.

Intentional planning, action and gratitude.

To skip even one means that you are not accessing the full abundance available to you in life.

Over the 10 days you will journey through these three essential cycles:

1. You are a survivor: 3 days of acknowledgement and gratitude

2. You are a dreamer: 3 days opening the door to new hope and new light

3. You are a thriver: 3 days to invest in and implement your thriving future

Lean into the lesson, and embrace the simple truth that thriving can be your new normal.

Let's make some magic! Nikki x

Your Instructor

Nikki Wouters

Nikki Wouters

Expert Tarot Reader, Intuitive Coach & Creator - Nikki is obsessed with living a magical life, listening to her intuition and helping you do the same.

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