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Cosmic Sky

My Magical Life - 12 Week Program 

If you feel disconnected and disenchanted with the world because you are living an unaligned life - then I am so excited to welcome you My Magical Life Program!!


In 12 weeks you will find clarity and certainty in what you want in love, life and all the things in between to start living the magical life you've always been called to create.

Find the path that suits your journey!

Path 1

I got this!

This is for the independent leaner that prefers working to their own schedule.


Let's check-in and dive deep with a personal coaching session once a month. 




Payment Plan available upon request!

Path 2

Let's do this!

Your intuition is telling you that you're ready for change - and you need a little guidance.


Let's make it happen with two personal coaching sessions a month.




Payment Plan upon request.

Path 3

I'm going all in!

You are tired of waiting for things to turn around and you know that it's now or never!

Experience accelerated transformation with three personal coaching sessions a month.



Payment Plan upon request.

You receive:

You receive the comprehensive 12-week workbook for My Magical Life which includes quizzes, activities, tips and tasks each and every week over the 3 months.

Intuitive and heart-centred coaching one-to-one to accelerate your transformations started in the workbook.


Depending on your package pathway you will receive 1, 2 or 3 private coaching sessions (every month) with me to transform your mindset so you can create a life you will truly love.

How to sign up:

Book your 15min Strategy Session to get all the details and decide which coaching pathway suits your specific needs.

This is for you if: 

If you want more passion, more purpose AND more of you in your life.


If you are willing to say yes to the work that is necessary to get you there.


If you know you were meant for greater things than a 9-5 rinse and repeat life.


If you a ready to say goodbye to worrying about being stuck in a low vibe life.

This is not for you if:

If you want me to tell you how to live your life.

If you are disinterested in examining your current life and getting real on what needs to change - so that you can grow.

If you can’t/won't show up each week for 12 weeks.

What my clients say

Cosmic Sky

"Nikki is always insightful and provides clarity and caring in her sessions. Every reading is a positive and rewarding experience, as her warmth shines through.


I would recommend anyone who is searching for guidance, direction and motivation to book a session."


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