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Make your lifeinto a masterpiece

Nikki's Clients Say

"Nikki's energy is in such perfect alignment with me & she has already guided me to make massive leaps & bounds after a couple of tough years that had my energy & my business all messed up."

Oceana, Alternative & Holistic Health Provider

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Hi, I'm Nikki!

Spiritual Life Coach & Artist in full devotion to living the most magical life possible and helping you do the same.

My sacred mission is to change the world through awakening the intuitive and creative gifts of the collective - one soul at a time.

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Are you passionate and driven and want to:

FLOW not force?
TURN UP not burn out?


Learn more about working with Nikki today.


Womens Circle Leader

I was overwhelmed, overcommitted and suffering from “shiny ball syndrome”.


Nikki supported me to narrow my focus and park everything else that wasn’t in alignment.


Coach & Founder of Budget 101 Academy

“You have shown me the difference a sprinkle of magic can make when I use it in my life and in my business.

It has given me the energy and the beliefs I need to chase them, and the powerful actions I need to make them real.”


Bodyworker & Healer

I’ve gone from complete overwhelm & not even sure if I wanted to do a business to CLARITY & CERTAINTY in just one session.

So so grateful - thanks Nikki

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Disclaimer: All services are intended to provide intuitive support, guidance and strategies to help you connect with yourself to create the life you desire. These services are not recommended as a substitute for seeking professional medical or mental health support. If you are suffering in any way, I encourage you to seek assistance from medical professionals.

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