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Energetic Investment Activity

You are here to do big things in the world.


I know this for a fact.


Each soul is brought into this world to live wholly, to live vibrantly and to shape existence in some form: wether that is through their contribution to family, society, to a field of study or through the pursuit of their own creative spirit and talents.


The activity I give you today is simple. Yes.


The activity I give you today might be the most significant thing you've done for yourself and your business in a long time.


What we have to do is to rewire your reality and that doesn't happen by accident, but through the intentional application of energy and effort. And as we are beautifully messily human, it is important that we build in structures and routines to help facilitate this process as well as anchor it within our conscious.

What's included:

  • PDF Booklet
  • Printable Activity
  • Access to Abundance Meditation


The Energetic Investment Jar Activity is simple, sacred and so satisfying. 

Enjoy the journey and make sure to let me know how it feels to actually SEE the investment you're making in your future each and every day.

Nikki x

Energetic Investment Activity

AU$22.00 Regular Price
AU$8.00Sale Price
Sales Tax Included
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