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3 Reasons you MUST develop your Intuition

So you want to develop your intuition - but you’re not sure if it’s worth the time, effort and weird looks you might get once you start talking about ‘the Universe’ and ‘divine timing’.

I get it.

Resistance to change is totally normal: it is your logical mind’s way of keeping you safe.

The thing means static.

You are a living, breathing, glowing (yes, you are glowing) being that is as much divine as you are human and that’s totally cool.

It’s awesome in fact!

Because it means that you have the power necessary to push through that resistance and make growth happen. And when we grow we are the most alive. And it takes discomfort, treading out into uncertain waters and trusting that we can handle what is going to come up next and NONE of that happens in the safe zone.

Sorry logical mind - you are no longer the only one driving this car.

It is time to share the wheel with the intuitive mind. To strike up a balance between acting from a place of logic and a place of knowing, trusting and feeling. Both are good, both are necessary and let’s face it — having a Magical Mindset is way better than a mundane one.

And all the magic happens when you are let your intuition lead.

Here are 3 reasons you MUST develop your intuition:

1. You aren’t seeing the whole picture

Your brain is capable of accessing infinite knowledge however your consciousness only examines a very small chunk of this data. This is just how our brains work - it isn’t broken, it’s just fact. So if you were to base your decision solely on what you perceive through your conscious mind (the logical 1+2 = 3) then you are missing out on so much.

Developing your intuition is strengthening the channel between your consciousness and that infinite knowledge out in the Universe.

Pretty cool, huh?

2. Trust over training

There is a BIG difference between knowing what you can do and what you actually desire to do.

From an early age we are told how to live. The clothes we should wear, the words we should use and even the type of relationships and goals we should aim for are laid out in a silent expectation by society and the world around us.

But it never quite sits right, does it?

How often have you wanted a change or lamented the reality of your situation because it just wasn’t enough? Too often.

Developing your intuition is an exercise in learning to trust yourself and not just be a robot following its training.

3. Being Vs Doing

You can do a lot of stuff. Probably so much stuff that you will be busy until the day you die. And when you look back will you see a lot of being or simply doing?

Connecting to your intuition allows you to know your wants, needs and desires so deeply that the person you become and the way you are being is in alignment with who you truly are. Your essence, your soul, your truest and highest self.

Not having this connection leads to a life of doing. I did this. I did that. I did all the things.


Let your intuition lead you into being more YOU.

Final Thoughts:

This isn’t an exhaustive list (obviously, there are only 3) but I hope it has been the wake up call you needed to hear today and the kick up the but you wanted.

If you’d like to learn more about connecting to your intuition then I invite you to join my 6 Week Course Awaken Your Magic.

*Round 1 goes live 7th February - 18th March

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Let me know in the comments if you want to be more connected with your intuition this year and learn how to Awaken Your Magic!

Nikki x

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