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3 Ways to activate your Divine Energy

There is something so delicious about the word divinity.

This word feels sacred moving around my mouth and it creates a very welcome sensation when I apply it to myself.

My divinity. I am divine.

Try it for yourself.

Maybe you felt it too - or maybe you experienced some discomfort? Not to worry, you just haven’t gotten used to it yet.

Divinity is trending:

In the media today there is a lot of hype around women reclaiming their power, their sexuality and in some cases it is very overtly linked to divine archetypes, the goddesses, the feminine energy and all of those spiritual buzz words. Now, don’t get me wrong — I am talking about them too.

I do wish to point out though that somethings become more abstract when they become more popularised.

And it can seem like:

* There is one way to do it and if you deviate you might get it wrong.

* Only certain types of women are invited.

* There is a paywall or barrier to entry.

I am not here for any of that. Your connection to your divinity is unique and so will be how you connect and express this relationship.

Today I simply wish to offer you 3 ways to begin to connect to your Divine Energy and give you that permission to use it, lose it or try something else.

It’s all good.

3 Ways to Connect to Your Divine Energy:

1. Google it

Type Goddesses into Google Images and scroll until you see an image that resonates. Study the image for what connected with you. Use this information to search further and find more.

This is a fun activity and you can really get a sense of your Divine Vibe. Save the images that you like and you can even use these for a Vision Board if you like.

2. Script it

On a blank page write the question: What makes me feel divine?

Journal on this question and bring only awareness and no judgement. You are an explorer discovery new terrain - let yourself be curious.

Any knowledge discovered can be used or simply stored for a time where it is relevant.

3. Express it

This is a personal favourite of mine.

As an artist I love being able to use paints and colours to express what I am thinking and feeling as well as a tool for my subconscious to share what I hadn’t even realised.

With any art supplies you have start making marks, colouring, shading, drawing - whatever you’re feeling called to do while thinking about your divinity and what that might mean for you. You will begin to notice thoughts or feeling start to emerge - observe how these connect to the topic.

At the end you might have a very beautiful and symbolic art piece…or it might be a bunch of scribbles. Either way it was a vital step in allowing you to connect deeper with yourself.

I hope you enjoyed these tips and I would love to know if you have any other questions you’d like answered in these blogs!

Remember my 6 Week Course Awaken Your Magic Starts soon - there is still time to sign up and get the early bird pricing! Message me for details.

Nikki x

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