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3 Witchy Ways to achieve your goals!

So you know your Big Vision and you wonder what’s next…

With access to so much information these days it is easier than ever to create the dream, the end goal, the BIG VISION of where you are heading in life and all the beautiful things that will be possible once you get ‘there’.

BUT - how do you like…DO IT.

Well once you’re through with hoping, wishing and dreaming for it all to fall neatly into place here are some tips & tools that I trust will help!

*Practical Magic Tips*

#1 A Vision Roadmap

-Break your goal down into 3-6 major milestones depending on your timeframe or complexity

-Create a mini vision board for EVERY milestone so you become connected to actualising all the necessary steps

-Refer to your creation regularly

#2 Alignment Scripting

-Each morning (or evening) write for 9 minutes in a stream of consciousness all the things you will do to make your vision come to reality

-Then for 1 minute choose 1 thing that you can act on immediately to move forward

-This is also a great way to find fun and exciting ways to make progress

#3 What you SPEAK about you bring about

-Choose people in your life that support your dreams

-Speak with them about what you are creating and how

-As your confidence grows expand the circle

What Practical Magic will you be putting into practice?

Loving what you're learning? Share in the comments your major take-away from today and how you are going to start incorporating some Practical Magic in your life!

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- Nikki Wouters: Coach & Creator

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