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5 ways to make great decisions - fast

Updated: Aug 8, 2021

Whether you want to decide what to have for dinner, or which house to buy, for many of us there is an odd resistance when it comes to making decisions. In fact, it is often such an odd feeling that we do the very unhelpful, and often detrimental, act of ignoring it all together! Oh, that's not you? Perhaps, you don't ignore it. Instead you go on a mission of epic proportions to weigh, measure, calculate, extrapolate and define and redefine the parameters of the choice until you end up very confused, very muddled and very much out of f**ks.

Hands up if you felt that? Like, deep down you felt seen, called out and a little bit embarrassed about your not-so-productive problem solving performance.

As Demi would say: Sorry, not sorry. Sometimes we just need to own up and move on.

Now that we are ready, let's have a look at 5 ways to make great decisions - fast.


Great is better than good. Fast is better than slow. 5 is...just a number. (It felt right okay?)

*This list isn't exhaustive, nor will every one of them work for you. Just try it.

  1. Gut Check This is an oldie, but a goodie. Next time you are faced with a decision take a few deep breaths until your heart rate is even, your brow is smooth and your body is relaxed. State your choice out loud and lean into the sensations you feel in your body. A yes feels expansive, good and maybe even a little exciting. A no will bring feelings of restriction or even physical symptoms of unease. You might even feel it in places other than your gut (trust your body to tell you in whatever way is needed).

  2. Risk and Reward Pros and cons lists can go on for days and we get caught up in the hype of this versus that. Try a different approach next time you have a choice to make by looking more closely at what you have to gain (the rewards) and what you have to lose (the risks). When we focus on the outcome we are more likely get the bigger picture.

  3. Macro before Micro There are two parts to every decision: the Macro and the Micro, making the big choice and then deciding the tiny details that will get you there. Before you tell me that this is obvious, check in with yourself and ask - am I worrying over the fine details (micro) before I've even made the choice yet (macro)? This is my personal kryptonite and has vastly levelled up my decision making ability already.

  4. One step further This works wonders when you are stuck between two choices. When we present ourselves with limited options (do I go with A or B?) it can quickly became a comparison trap which plays the choices against each other rather than the suitability to create the outcome we desire. Try and add at least one more choice to shake things up.

  5. The Doom-metre Yes, I made the name up and I promise it will still work. Imagine you have a screen that measures the likely-hood of doom for your choice. 0 on the Doom-metre indicates nothing bad can come from trying this and 10 indicates complete devastation (business ruined, flee the country, change your name, move in with your mother-in-law). Run your choices by the Doom-metre and put them into perspective. (Extra points if you make an actual Doom-metre with a little swivel-y arrow!)

So, we have come to the end and now you have 5 ways to make great decisions - fast. The next time you are faced with a choice remember that these will be in your toolkit and ready to help you.

Tell me your greatest challenge when it comes to decision making and which of the 5 you are going to try out first!

- Nikki Wouters: Coach & Creator

Finding these insights helpful? If you want to request a particular topic to be discussed on the blog send me a message today - or leave a comment below! I look forward to hearing from you.

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