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9 Ways to Connect to your Intuition

The ONE tool that takes me from questioning to trusting myself in an instant is my intuition. It's as simple as that.

Don't worry, I'm not going to leave it there. Don't you hate when people do that?

Want to do this? It's as simple as that!

And you're left thinking...did I actually learn anything or was that a waste of 10 minutes and a few braincells?

So let's get to it the juicy bits because at the moment you're probably like:

Me: Sometimes I forget how easy it can be to make a decision.

You: What? Decisions can be easy?

Me: Just bare with me here...

So many of us have been taught to weigh, measure and to pick a part all of our decisions to make sure we are doing:

  • ‘the nice thing’

  • ‘the right thing’

  • ‘the smart thing’

And all we really get is an overloaded argument that muddies the waters of our minds.

Before then I bet you were excited about the thing (whatever it may have been) that you were trying to figure out. Maybe it was a new job, or you were intrigued to try something for the first time, curious about what could be coming next…

Well, up until it was questioned to death.

So what’s are the tools that will help you trust your self, tap into your intuition and skip the muck?

Uncovering and embracing your Ideal Intuitive practice is the answer.

You are a unique and beautiful soul so it make so much sense that how you tap into your intuition is as unique as you are - and what works for me may not work for you.

Therefore it is important you try out a few and see what resonates!

Here are 9 to ways to tap into your intuition to get you started:

* Alignment scripting

* Tarot reading

* Oracle messages

* Manifestation rituals

* Visualisation

* Meditation

* Intuitive painting/creating

* Walks in nature * Body check-ins

Each of these tools can facilitate a conversation between you and the universe that can lead you to greater clarity and trust within yourself. By developing this relationship with your intuition you will literally train yourself to sense when you are going in the right direction.

I’ve had wonderful success in introducing my clients to their intuition and forming these rituals into their lives.

If you want to learn more - reach out to me in the comments below or send me a dm for more details!

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Women With Vision will help you reconnect with your intuitive side, learn exactly what you need to embody the real you and plan your unique path to living the life you've always desired and never thought possible.

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