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Accessing Your Authentic Self

Authenticity - kind of a buzz word in today’s society, right?

We all know we want, we need it…but ahh…somethings just missing and we can’t quite say with full integrity that we’ve got it (or that we even know what IT is).

I’m not here to call you out - I’m right there with you!

Today we clear up some of the blurriness and honestly what I feel is a lot of the societal narrative BS we’re fed when it comes to the Holy Grail pursuit of our own Authenticity.

Accessing your Authentic Self

BUT before we even begin diving into this topic, I invite you to give yourself the gift of a Vibe Check.

Put simply, a Vibe Check is taking the time to do a full body scan and honestly assess what feedback you’re getting in regards to a particular topic.

  • Is your chest tight?

  • Does a memory arise?

  • Are you suddenly overwhelmed with the urge to check your emails?

  • Have you never noticed that each time you think about this, your fingers curl and your jaw becomes tight?

Your mind, body and soul (intuition) are speaking to you in this moment and they always have a LOT to say.

Take the time to listen in to all three rather than simply defaulting to the surface levels thoughts that arise.

The Vibe Check

1. Complete a Vibe Check for your relationship with Authenticity.

2. Write down the messages you’ve received.

3. Come to a conclusion: how is this impacting and influencing me?

Now that you know where you’re currently at in regards to our topic today we can move forward.

(If you had any major OMG AHA moments I’d love to here it after you read the rest of this ;) Now let’s continue.)

What is Authenticity?

If you ask the dictionary it is - the quality of being real or true.

If you ask a generic marketing expert it is - being true to who you are as a brand in order to build trust with your audience.

If you ask a generic coach it is - living life to your own values and goals rather than those of others.

You probably even have your own that is a little bit similar and a little bit different.

For me, Authenticity exists as the acceptance of my Self and the choice to live in accordance with that awareness.

I invite you to chuck out the need to get the definition ‘right’ or to have it make sense to anyone other than YOU.

Being Authentic

Whatever definition you chose, truly there is no right or wrong beyond what feels the most true to you, let’s take it a step further.

Being Authentic is active.

Authenticity is the continual choice to adhere to what you Know to be true for yourself rather than default to the programming and conditioning put upon you by others.

You can trust that you are Being Authentic when you are Awake and Aware to why you do what you do, say what you say and act they way you act.

No Hamster Wheel.

No Auto-pilot.

No Shoulds.

Simply dancing to the beat of your own drum.

The Authentic Journey

This morning before I sat down to finish this letter I came across an interesting passage in the book I’m currently reading (The Path of Least Resistance - Robert Fritz). In my own words and filtered through the lens of my own perception this is what spoke to me - and I knew immediately I wanted to include in this message today.

Seek the evolution of your Authentic Self rather than a breakthrough.

You are ever evolving and your Authenticity is not static.

There is no finished. And you will not arrive at a predetermined destination. If you were hoping to be ‘done’ growing, learning and developing you can release that faulty wish now.

This part might be where the logical (the limited) mind wishes to protest and reassert itself as the authority.

I invite you to hold gently that this isn’t something to be won. You are not someone to be fixed. There is no agenda here beyond your ability to see, hear and feel yourself more fully.

An Authenticity Recap:

1. Vibe Check your relationship with Authenticity

2. Choose your own definition

3. Be an active participant

4. Seek to evolve

5. Be gentle

6. Breathe

Like any creation, this is not the end of the story or the end of the conversation. I invite you to share with me by replying here or posting on social media (tag me @nikki.wouters.intuition) with what resonated with you and any insights you gained today.

And enjoy the journey.

P.S. In October 2023, I am running a intimate container to help your learn how to access and tap into your Authentic Voice. Whether to write a novel, love letter or some heart-centred content this will help you become more attuned to what YOU have to say. To express your interest make sure to replay to this letting me know :)

Nikki Wouters Intuitive coach and artist

To take this work further come join us in the Soul-led & Satisfied Membership - the space to find support, education and community going on this same entrepreneurial journey. Sign up or learn more here.​

Nikki x

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