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Become Your Own Leader (how to trust yourself)

You’ve been indoctrinated into a system that seeks to sell you on success, while at the same time convincing you it doesn’t exist.

And lovingly, don’t try and convince me this isn’t true.

It’s true for all of us.

For why else would you keep piling on the stress, thinking anxiously about what comes next and continue to feed scraps to the dream machine within you that yearns for a different reality…and also regularly fall into comparison, shame and blame?

  • To doubt as much as you do.

  • To complain as much as you commit.

  • To overcomplicate as much as you own what you want.

Become Your Own Leader (how to trust yourself)

This internal see-saw is enough to drive anyone away from their true power.

I’ve been there. A LOT. And I bet you have too.

Maybe that’s where you find yourself today; caught in a loop of wanting to be the leader in your life while thinking: “I wish someone would just take the lead OR tell me it’s not going to happen so I can get on with life.”

The desperate plea of someone unconvinced of their potential.

The Pain of the Leaderless

It’s a special kind of pain to walk a path that may have no end.

And I get it.

  • How DO you trust that your ideas and visions are possible when you’ve not achieved success in this area or to the degree you’re hoping for?

  • What you want to do has been done already - so what value would YOU bring?

  • You just want to be successful FIRST - then you’ll worry about enjoying yourself.

small incremental shifts

Small incremental shifts and compromises that lead us all (it’s not just you I promise) further away from your truth and the truly aligned business you set out to create in the first place.

When you first wished for this future

- you didn’t include the worry.

So why does it now loom so large?

The Entrepreneurial ‘Path’

The entrepreneurial path is one that has become physically accesible to nearly everyone (as long as you have an idea, an internet connection and the time you can start today) but if all you needed was access to be successful - then we wouldn’t be here.

A generation of entrepreneurs chafing at the confines of a system that doesn’t seem to fit us.

And the socially shared story of the intrepid entrepreneur doesn’t help at all either. As it is equally weighed down by the contradictory commentary which tells us ‘it’s anyones game’ while churning out statistics of failure, survival and collapse.

Side note: If you’ve ever been to a family dinner, social gathering or been stuck in an unexpected workplace conversation with people who are curious (and incredulous) about your ‘little hobby’ you know what I mean. Everyone seems to have a statistic or a story about a poor unfortunate soul who thought they could make it in business.

Don’t minimise the impact these shitty situations can have on you. Belief is infectious - so don’t expose yourself to the wrong kind.

industry BS

Even the business world - or the slice of it I’m in - seems to be inundated by superficial and low value content, creators and courses.

Not out of malice, but ignorance.

They’ve bought into the desperate story that there is one way to make it work; which usually comes at the expense of authenticity, vulnerability and true alignment.

  • Do what works.

  • Do what everyone else is doing.

  • Do it as loud as possible (even if you don’t quite believe it).

Here’s a radical thought: success bought at the cost of your soul and satisfaction is too high a price to pay.

The Potential Path (your path)

I know you want to love your business.

And even if survival makes it necessary that money is your focus at first (I’m not discounting that we have bills and want to keep buying stuff - I really enjoy finding new cafes and getting my hair done every 7 weeks), however it doesn’t mean you can’t also commit to creating a genuine, aligned and personalised business that suits you.

No BS. I promise it’s possible.

And with more and more entrepreneurs choosing to embrace their unique and authentic visions and businesses we will create a world that slowly shifts the dial to an abundance of genuine connection, content and contribution.

A future that is possible.

A future that I want for you.

A future that I want to make WITH you.

Simon Sinek quote

Why do I care what you do?

“The greatest contribution of a leader is to make others leaders.”

- Simon Sinek

My mission is to help other entrepreneurs build self confidence, self awareness and the business THEY truly desire. In whatever shape, form or income level that looks like.

Cookie-cutter is out & customisation is in

I have been in multiple coaching groups, masterminds and courses that were simply not in alignment with me (but I followed them anyway). The teachers pet personality I had going on was strong.

The consequence?

I was taking action and seeding in goals, structures and SOPs that didn’t match my desired vision. All the ‘right’ boxes were being ticked...and yet I wasn’t where I wanted to be: mind, body, soul or business.

It felt like using lego to build a cake.

It might look similar (and the abstract artist in me can appreciate the unorthodox creation) but in the end it was all wasted effort and took even more time to clean up and start again. A system that supported the very people that didn’t help me. Cue - me signing up to another course!

Beyond the money (over 30k), the time and the resources I spent going down this unaligned path the harshest cost came from within.

There was a level of indoctrination which made everything at the time seem logical and obvious - OF COURSE I should be aiming for a million within 3 years.

  • Am I stupid?

  • Am I just lazy??

  • Or, do I simply not want to be successful enough???

what do I really want?

Yet, this same system for success did not for a moment offer the time or space to consider…was that truly what I wanted?

My soul, my intuition and my emotions were taking so many hits as they were ignored and set aside over the advice from someone ‘more successful’ than me.

This eroded my confidence rather than built it, as at a fundamental level I felt wrong for wanting what I wanted.

What do I want? Picture this.

You’re feeling a little lost, a little unaligned, maybe even like you’re ready to step into a whole new level of YOUness in your life, your creativity, your business. And so off you go (digitally) to the witch in the woods - the lady with the lantern to light your way to clarity, confidence and creation of the future you desire.

We have fun, we make magic and it comes through ease, grace and peaceful action.

It’s the reason the community I built (Soul-led & Satisfied) encourages the unique creation and alignment of life and business. Cause I know, that learning how to Know yourself, Honour yourself and use that to build a business you love is priceless.

Begin to trust yourself

We are so used to devaluing our own ideas, and over valuing the ideas of those we perceive as successful or desirable that we don’t have a faithful view of ourselves or our capabilities.

We’ve been trained out of trusting ourselves.

Are you ready to change that? And I’ll just assume you said yes.

Let’s begin developing your skills to experiment and discover what it is you truly desire from life and business - on YOUR own path not following someone else’s.

2 Essential to this path - alignment and awareness.

  1. Alignment comes through awareness.

  2. Awareness comes from looking within.

If you don’t know what you want and what you are aiming for - it will naturally fall to chaos and confusion (two of the most insidious enemies of a successful life and business).

Take some time for contemplation today on the following.

  • Why did you start (or are starting) your business?

  • What goals and milestones are you desiring to achieve?

  • Where do you think these desires are coming from? (passion, people, past, perception etc.)

  • Are you currently in alignment with these goals? Why/Why not?

  • Who will you need to become in order to create them?

  • Will you truly enjoy the outcome if you are successful?

There is great power in being connected to what you desire and willing to ditch what you don’t. This journey isn’t taken all in one day though, so allow yourself to step away after you’ve done your journalling.

This isn’t a race to the finish but a journey of a lifetime. Which means you can rest, take your time and enjoy the present moment.

If you are inspired to act - of course you can - and I’d love to hear all about it so tag me in your posts, respond to this blog and if you are ready to have a community around you committed to doing this work I invite you to join us in the Soul-led & Satisfied Membership. Find out more HERE.

Before I sign off (and you go and journal your questions) let us emphasise the need for this journey to be your own. And acknowledge it takes time and spaciousness to release the conditioning and the habits of a lifetime.

Be gentle.

Nikki Wouters

Want to have a community around focussed on action and alignment? Join our free community over on FB.

Nikki x

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