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Break free from doubt, fear and indecision

Wouldn’t the world be magical if you simply trusted yourself and went full hearted into each moment?

Yes, but…

Let me stop you right there.

But, is not only contradictory it is the most common form of sabotage you are likely to commit against yourself.

When you say but, what you are really saying is:

  • I won’t try to change it

  • I don’t believe in myself enough

  • I am giving in before giving it a try

And that feels yucky.

This isn’t the vibe, the energy or the desire of a powerful Woman with Vision and I think we both know it.

Introducing doubt, fear and indecision into our lives results in a few things and none of them are the glorious lives, relationships and businesses you want.

For this post I pulled a Tarot card.

(I always do but today it is necessary to share the process with you).

The card was the 8 of Swords.

A woman trapped by the struggles and strife created in her own mind. The message coming through clearly was - what is getting in the way of the dream life that is available to us are the thoughts, the patterns and the limiting beliefs we choose to cling to.

A trap of our own making.

Dealing with doubt, feeling into fear and inviting in indecision are easy - but are they what you want to choose for yourself?

To make this actionable I want you to think/journal on the following:

1. Write your but statements.

E.g I would (insert ideal habit/action) but…I will look crazy for quitting my stable job.

2. Change them into and statements instead.

E.g I would (insert ideal habit/action) and I will make an exit strategy for leaving by the end of the year.

3.Repeat as many times as necessary.

Let me know which of your AND statements had the most impact or you are the most excited to do!

Let's make some magic!

Nikki x

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