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Building a Strong Foundation: Navigate Business with Faith

Business is rewarding but it's also frustrating as fuck. 

Just to be blunt.

Literally, you can see yourself (and I know you do) everyday showing up in trying to make your dreams happen but then every misstep, mistake and slowing of momentum can feel like a slap to the face of your faith.

How do you keep taking leaps of faith and placing your trust in the Universe at those times when there doesn’t appear to be any evidence that it’s working?

And how do you keep going in a way that doesn’t make you feel delusional or running on doubt 24/7?

Today we dive into how to navigate your business with faith.

Why? Because I don't think people talk enough about how business is one of the greatest spiritual challenges you can take up in life.

So much of social media and businesses advice makes it appear like:

👉 "Just figure out this next step and you'll be fine."

👉 "That if you get the right marketing strategy it'll be easy."

👉 "That when you get a no-brainer, super specifically niched service and the right snappy copy on your website money will be flying in like hotcakes."

Business is presented as a mental game that once you figure out the rules, you’ll be right. And that if you haven’t yet ‘cracked the code’ there must be something wrong with your work ethic or YOU. It’s really messed up. 


navigating business with faith

Operating (not) in faith in your business.

I ask you today to get SUPER CLEAR on where you are operating under the above misconceptions when it comes to 'making it' in your business. 

👉 Take a few minutes to journal *or come back to this at the end.

For me, the first 2 years of trying to be in business, I took a mental battering because I was totally convinced that I was just missing a critical piece of the puzzle. My self esteem (admittedly already low due to some very unhealthy relationships and situations) was not up to the task of showing up daily to be let down, overlooked and led by the nose by every marketing and business guru out there.

  • Every strategy looked like the one.

  • All ideas looked good on paper.

  • A confident coach had me hooked.

What I needed to learn was that the path to my dream life and business wasn’t going to come from a one and done cookie cutter strategy or overnight success but from consistency, faith and a willingness to keep showing up.

And due to being a great employee (thanks societal indoctrination) consistency and showing up wasn’t the problem…it all came down to my personal level of faith. 

Are you finding yourself here too?

Now lets talk about…

How to navigate business with faith. 

1. The biggest piece is unhooking the pattern of thinking that business is only a mental game. Which means opening up to that every problem, solution or good idea will not only be good on paper - it has to be good in energy too. 

Take the time to feel into each aspect of your business mentally, emotionally and energetically. 

There is no one way to do any to those, so allow yourself to experiment. If you would like some support comment below and let me know where you need a little guidance and I will be happy to suggest some ideas. Or book a session (here) to go deeper together.

2. Acknowledge that your feelings (intuitive and emotional) matter. Which means becoming familiar when your body is trying to talk to you about your business. 

I find that journalling every morning drops me immediately into this space. But find a practice that works for you. The goal is to make regular checkin a habit - not a last resort.

You are so much more than a mind. Act like it ;) 

3. Start to define your North Star. Knowing where you are going is the light in the dark during those times in your business where the light doesn’t appear to be on and you are floundering. 

The level of clarity you need will be personal. Perhaps a 90 Day Plan is enough to keep you grounded and stable. Or maybe have the Big Legacy of your Life is the cosmic guiding light that will keep you going. 

Find your level of certainty and stay connected to it as often as you need. 

Wow! I loved reflecting back on the power of operating in faith in your business (and my own). If you found value in today’s post please make sure to share it, comment below and of course reach out if you would like further support.

Have a wonderful time developing your faith and flowing more powerfully in life and business.  

And if you’re ready to walk into the New Year prepared, purposeful and ready for out of this world fun and flow…book your personalised 2024 Intuitive Forecast! Your window into the energies, pathways and possibilities of all 12 months channeled directly by me - your spiritual guide to your best life and business. 

Nikki Wouters Intuitive Coach

Love, trust and pixie dust.

Your Intuitive Coach,

Nikki x

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