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Create THROUGH the Chaos in Life

Have I caught you at a bad time?

Did you arrive here trying to take a moment for yourself, and escape the hot freaking mess that is your life right now?

Did that perhaps hit a little too close to home, my friend?

Today my intention is to help you with your chaos so you can get back to creating the life, the business and the reality you desire.

Create through the chaos

Before we go further, deeper, wider and more intensely into today’s topic I implore you to do something very sacred and very necessary for this to actually give you the help you are craving.

Let go.

Let go of the ego.

Let go of the defensiveness.

Let go of the habitual justification.

Let go of blaming, shaming and shitting all over yourself.

Let go.

Chaos in Life

Chaos can be as dramatic as bankruptcy, divorce or flash flood knocking out your house. It more than likely is showing up in your life as multiplying bills, nagging kids, undone chores and a fierce fatigue that you can’t seem to shake.

Chaos, is our human way of saying, “It shouldn’t be like this.”

And whether you are dealing with bankruptcy or a business that just can’t seem to get off the ground, the relationship you hold with chaos says a lot about how capable you are navigating forward successfully and soul-fully.

Your Relationship to Chaos

Without trying to overthink (a chaos in and of itself) answer the following questions. I recommend writing out each answer quickly and without hesitation.

1. What comes to mind when I think of chaos?

2. What chaos is currently happening in my life?

3. How do I feel about those chaotic areas?

4. What do I think I should be doing about them?

5. What am I actually doing about them?

6. What am I making this chaos mean about my future?

7. What would I like to change about my relationship to chaos?

Well done.

If you skipped it - go and do it.

Create THROUGH the Chaos

In some alternate reality maybe there is no chaos.

All of your dreams are coming true, you wake up well rested each day and you’ve never procrastinated by cleaning the top cupboards of your pantry or doing a last minute run to the shops just in case.

This reality though has chaos as a main ingredient.

A flavour you may not like, but one that you need to get used to working with if you are committed to creating the life and business you desire.

A few tips for working with chaos:

1. It isn’t a problem - your reaction to it is.

2. When you accept it as part of life, you are better able to respond and remain in flow.

3. Chaos is often an outcome of the suppressed or ignored parts of self or situation.

4. Chaos gets to be an invitation for growth and transformation.

5. Stop waiting for the absence of chaos to get started or stay committed.

That last one is where we go deeper today.

Stop waiting for the absence of chaos to get started or stay committed.

Earlier you identified where the chaos currently exists in your life and how you are reacting to it. I recommend using those same areas for this next part.

If you were to decide to not wait for the chaos to go away, and that you are going to show up and commit to your goal/plan what would you be doing:


This week.

This month.

Allow it to be simple.

Repeat for any specific areas that you feel called to.

Phew, that was big meaty work.

Congratulations. This mini-shadow work activity has the potential to lift some of the chaos from your shoulders and rework your relationship to the trickier parts of life.

If you’d like to go deeper in to areas of shadow work, chaos or creation let me know by responding to this and letting me know what would serve you the most.

And if you are interested in working in the area of the Golden Shadow (hidden gifts and talents) in your life and business come and join us in Soul-led & Satisfied where this is the topic for our December Masterclass!

A powerful place to begin shedding the shit and opening up to the gold just in time for the New Year.

Nikki x

P.S. Speaking of New Year - I am taking bookings for the 2024 Intuitive Forecasts. Make sure to book yours ASAP because I have limited spaces available for these in-depth energetic personalised reports.

Nikki Wouters Intuitive Coach

Love, trust and pixie dust. Your Intuitive Coach,

Nikki x

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