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Embrace The Ruler Within

You are Divine and you were meant to Rule.

Stop the ‘buts’ before they even start.

If ANY part of you rebelled, scoffed or thought…what bullshit…then let me pause you and point out…THAT conditioned response is the reason why you:

  • Still doubt if you have what it takes.

  • Downplay your business.

  • Avoid growing through and beyond your comfort zone.

Or why, the wrong day, the wrong mood, or the wrong conversation can send you into a spiral of negative self talk and sabotage.

Working with clients and working through my own tumultuous relationship with Self Belief has lead to the topic of today’s blog. And there has never been a more powerful - and pivotal - time than now to deal with it.

Why do you need to Learn to Embrace the Ruler?

Because not living in this energy limits you.

From love.

From joy.

From fun.

From health, wealth and abundance in all forms.

The Ruler is you at your most stable, certain and clear. It is your natural state to know what you want and to trust yourself to attain it - don’t let the past or even the present confuse you on this point.

This way of life isn’t a fantasy or fairytale either.

How do you Learn to Embrace the Ruler?

Step 1: Do whatever thought-work is necessary to invite this reality in. If you don’t believe it, how can you perceive it?

Step 2: Act only from this space. Again, this will take effort but bringing conscious awareness to what energy you are tapping into matters.

Step 3: Embrace flexibility and change. A Ruler trusts themselves to act, but can also admit when things need to change direction.

Take a few minutes now (more if you can spare them) and journal it out.

1. What does being a Ruler mean for me?

2. What needs to be embraced?

3. What needs to be released?

4. If I acted in the energy of the Ruler - what will I experience?

You time as the Awakened Ruler begins now.

This is the start of the journey, and perhaps the first challenge you will overcome. Congratulations on making the choice.

Celebrate with my in the comments this new perspective you have gained and what it means for you moving forward.

Curious to learn more about embracing your power? Let me know with a #Ruler in the comments or email me at to learn about a very special Masterclass on becoming The Ruler.

And if you know that this conservation needs to go further so that you can go further too, join our community over on FB.

Nikki x

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