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Harnessing the Norse Rune Thurisaz to Unlock Authenticity and Shed Your Defences.

Today we go on a journey together because if I'm honest - I'm sick of going it alone and I bet you are too. We 'know' that we have people who care. We 'know' that there are sources of support we can tap into. We 'know' that we've signed up to communities, newsletters and courses for this exact reason! And yet... Here we are surrounded by potential for connection and community while we languish in the shadows of our problems and challenges alone.

Seperate and desperate to be truly understood.

Our journey today is a gentle hike through the rolling hills of your mind, your energy and your heart.

Why do we resist the very things that we say we want?

  • Conditioning.

  • Mistrust.

  • Wounding.

  • Apathy.

  • Habit.

But you don't need more whys today.

You've already (if you're anything like myself and my clients) torn yourself apart in the dissection of your destructive ways and commiserated on repeat why why why this isn't the way to be.

I'm curious and hopeful that today, together, we journey further afield into the mysterious, the magical and the maybe kinda delusional pastures of potential. Let's go.

The Thorn in our Collective Shoe

Actually, before we start we need to change our shoes. These have carried us far but no longer have the same grip, and we don't wish to lose our way. And oh - look - there is also a thorn lodged there too.

Norse Rune Thurisaz

The Thorn Rune - Thurisaz

I'm not an expert on runes, but this one presented itself to me this morning during my journalling (I had to look it up because I had no clue if it was even a real rune). And I KNEW that it was a message meant for us all today.

Thurisaz presents in our shoe as a source of conflict and reactivity. And the rich blue colour is a reflection of where we aren't connected to our truthful communication or creative authenticity (throat chakra vibes).

Part of the reason we don't feel safe, certain, satisfied in life comes from walking paths that are not our own. Another reason why we can be around the right people, have access to needed and necessary support and still feel unable to reach for it and receive it.

No need to despair. Now that you're aware. The next steps are clear. Unburdened from fear.

A New Pair of Shoes

“In a positive rune interpretation Thurisaz gives you above all protection, luck and success on your life path...Thurisaz stands for change and can also give you an indication that an important decision is coming up in your life, which wants to be thought over well and has the potential to change the course of your life.” — ​Source: Vikings Valhalla​

From a place of defensiveness and reactivity we cannot feel safe. As we all move forward it is with the invitation to to have beautiful boundaries, to look for the growth available from obstacles and to release stubbornness as it blocks new experiences and outcomes.

These shoes will carry you much further, into uncertain terrain with confidence in your ability to navigate them more sure-footedly and with the genuine support of those around you. (It's easier to be sociable when there isn't a thorn in your shoe, right?)

Unlock Authenticity and Shed Your Defences

W are On Path and On Purpose (finally).

Now you're prepared properly for the adventure ahead we can get to walking and wondering what's coming on the path? What will be discovered and uncovered about ourselves, the world and those around us?

Bringing the full force of your creative juices and optimistic confidence to a journey is a clear channel to genuine joy.

What comes your way cannot sway you from your direction. The obstacles presented are simply opportunities to explore the unobvious. Others on the path are no longer competing for space but sharing in the experience.

And from this beautiful and abundant perspective I have some reflection questions for you to ponder if you're called to go deeper.

Harnessing the Norse Rune Thurisaz

Have a think about...

1. Where are there other thorns in your life that can be lovingly extracted?

2. What changes when defensiveness and reactivity are replaced with beautiful boundaries and genuine expression?

3. How might you approach current conflicts or challenges as growth opportunities or ways to seek support or guidance from those around you?

Enjoy your pondering and I'd love to hear what's come up and through for you on this mornings contemplative walk through the beautiful terrain of your internal world.

This work today is more than enough to reorientate you on your path from a place of peace and power.

And if you'd like to explore how you can showing up in life, in business or simply in your YOU-ness more creatively and intuitively I am so excited to share with you the Queen of Wands Workshop!

🌹 December 14th 2023, 10am AEST*.

🌹 Register here (free): ​

🌹 Replay available for registered guests only.

*If you're seeing this AFTER the above date please feel welcome to reach out and I will let you know how you can gain access to this juicy divine feminine training.

Nikki Wouters Coach & Creator

Love, trust and pixie dust.

Your Intuitive Coach,

Nikki x

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