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Holistic Decision Making

There are no shortages when it comes to big decisions and hard choices in business and I commend you for all the ones you have made so far.

You are strong.

You are capable.

You are a powerhouse.

And it shows.

It is also clear that you’d like things to be a bit easier when it came to making choices in your business.

(No, I didn’t read your mind - it’s one of those universal struggles of the entrepreneurial woman.)

This doesn’t have to be the reality though...

As you walk down the path towards your Big Vision there are many twists and turns: some you see coming and many you do not. And with each step there is a risk, a reward and a need to be ready for whatever it is that comes up next.

Exhausting - isn’t it?

I see you.

The beauty in running your own business is that you get to change the game.

Go off the beaten path.

Do it different.

(What if your business could be as chill as your down time?)

The Big Business Myth

The right choice will launch you — the wrong choice will ruin you.

Sheesh - that’s a doozy. I can just feel the pressure bearing down and it seems like a truth. This catastrophic win or lose, black and white, fly or fall mentality that doesn’t serve anyone well.

It’s Bullshit though. Just a story and definitely not the truth.

The Big Business Reality

No one choice determines your future.

When we look really close choices are simple. You can make a choice in less than an instant — so that isn’t the issue. What becomes hard to grapple with is what comes next and more significantly what we make it mean.

You always have the choice to make another choice, to tell another story and to try a different way.

Knowing this and really trusting that you can handle the consequences will truly set you free from viewing that choices you are making now and in the future as ‘hard’.

Keep it front of mind: choices are simple and if it doesn’t work, you can choose again. It only becomes hard if that is the story you tell about it.

Today we looked at one Big Myth and one Big Reality — which was the key you needed to unlock the next level in your thinking or business and to take a more holistic approach? I’d love to know!

Share with me in the comments.

I'd love to help you connect deeper to your intuition and step confidently towards your Big Vision for the future.

Nikki x

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