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How to confidently make business decisions

You are going to change your mind.

About a million times.

When it comes to creating a business that fulfils you and supports your desired way of life there is a certain level of uncertainty.

In the outcomes, yes, but also in your own wants, needs and desires.

Until I learnt how to be okay with changing my mind, it felt like a constant struggle of needing to ‘get it right’ from the start.

  • Each decision needed to be airtight.

  • Every product had to be perfect.

  • Each pivot in branding, marketing or message felt like a huuuuge risk.

And no surprise - it was exhausting.

The pivot in thinking you need is around what you are making business mean.
  • If you are currently operating under the assumption that eventually you will ‘hit upon the perfect idea’ and then everything will flow from there - then that’s a problem.

  • If you are currently making each decision win or lose - then that’s a problem.

  • If you are currently limiting your options to what is safe or industry standard - then that’s a problem.

You are here to create something that has never been created before AND you are going to grow, change and expand throughout that journey which means so to will your business.

You goal on Day 1 will not fulfil you on Day 1000.

And this is so exciting! Curate curiosity when you notice yourself changing and not dread because it will serve you so much better.

When you change your mind I recommend the following questions to be answered first:

  1. How have I grown that is influencing this decision?

  2. What have I achieved that has lead me here?

  3. Why do I believe this change is necessary?

  4. When do I want to make the change?

  5. Where do I need to put my time, attention and energy in order to make this change with ease and grace?

My final words here are directly for you. The hardworking, passionate business owner who truly wants what is best for everyone involved. You get to change your mind as often as you like if it makes sense, is in alignment and feels good to you.

You have the power.

In the comments please share what resonated and where this information has lead you today.

And if you know that this conservation needs to go further so that you can go further too, book a free call where we can connect and chat about your particular dreams and goals and let’s make some magic.

Nikki x

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