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How to deal with your sceptics (well meaning and otherwise)

One of the most painful parts of designing a life and business you love is when other people hate it or question it…and they aren’t afraid to share it with you.

Working with clients (and reflecting on my own journey) makes this abundantly clear. There is so much vulnerability in taking a different route in life and no one decides to do this lightly.

You’ve stayed up late thinking about what it would be like, read a bunch of books to get inspired and motivated, asked for a heap of advice and weighed the pros and cons. Probably even checked your bank account to see how long you could ‘last’.


All of which just shows how serious you are about wanting this to happen.

And then you begin to take those first few steps and it is like everyone suddenly has an opinion.

“It isn’t a smart move.”

“Have you just thought about taking a holiday instead?”

“Most businesses don’t last the first year.”

“Do you really believe there are enough people who want that?”

“My uncle runs a business - he is always stressed and broke.”

And while it is easy for me to say: “That’s their limiting belief and not yours.” You are probably still going to be rocked a little when it happens. Maybe not at first, but over time we can all be worn down.

The great thing is you are capable of standing firm in the face of any criticism with with a little work and intentionality.

Here are some ways to handle and have harmony with your sceptics:

  1. When judgement or advice hits hard you can curate an attitude of objectivity.

  2. Hmm, what about that message is relevant and what is not relevant?

  3. Where does it reflect a fear or limiting belief that I have which is not resourceful?

  4. How can grow from this experience in knowledge, resilience or action?

You can also decide where and from whom you take advice.

  • Business mentor/coach = yes.

  • Random dude on TikTok = no.

  • Client testimonial/feedback = yes.

  • Old high school friend with no business experience = no.

Make your own list and stick to it.

Affirm your value as seperate from business success and decisions.

This one is more a practice in the cultivation of your personal self worth and making sure that the external indicators of success or failure in your business aren’t impacting or influencing you good opinion of yourself.

All of these strategies can be done periodically or when the situation calls for it (I’d recommend both) and are more impactful when written down and revisited. You won’t get away from people with opinions so set yourself up for a more harmonious experience.

Would love to hear your ahas and actions from this advice and any questions you may have!

And if you know that this conservation needs to go further so that you can go further too, book a free call where we can connect and chat about your particular dreams and goals and let’s make some magic.

Nikki x

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