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How to feel better and make the most out of life

Today we take a step back and look at the bigger picture.

Our existence is made up of many parts – hobbies, work, love, health, friendships etc.— and they all coexist in an amazingly complex and beautiful ecosystem called your life.

But sometimes we forget just how interconnected everything actually is (and don’t worry you aren’t alone in that). It is tempting at times to look at the micro. E.g. I have this problem and I want a solution and then everything else will be fine.

Sound familiar?

It’s natural. It’s human. And it is also short sighted (sorry). In fact, it can be monumentally tragic if we never look up and take in the whole picture. Before you know it you’ll have ten time management apps on your phone to solve all the micro tasks in your day and then you realise your health has failed, the roof needs replacing and you’ve not picked up a novel in a year!

And I know you are here to find out how to feel better and make the most out of life, so in order to accomplish this I have broken the process down into three parts.

  1. Identify the problems

  2. Release the faulty thinking

  3. Apply the solution

Now before you start getting down on yourself or psyching up for a fight with these ‘so called problems’ just take a moment to remember that when we notice something isn’t working it is a blessing! We have found a clue that will help us improve our lives – pretty awesome right?

The problems might present like this:

  • You feel like something is missing

  • Finding a sense of ease or balance is impossible

  • You’re waiting for ‘later’ to start doing what you love

  • Areas of your life are not working but you’re unsure of why

Then faulty thinking comes in to continue the cycle:

  • You decide to ignore it for now

  • You think if you just solve the current problem (micro) you’ll have time to sort out the other stuff later

  • You say that you’re being ungrateful if you don’t just appreciate what you have now

  • You worry that this might be as good as it gets —and you don’t want to rock the boat

This reasoning is faulty because it prompts you to either avoid, blame or shame yourself and the issue and it needs to be released. Good news is that there is a solution.

The solution comes in the form of an awareness shift:

  • Life isn’t a machine – switch this on, turn that off and it runs smoothly.

  • Life is an ecosystem* – it relies on each part functioning well and working together to be healthy and abundant.

*A warning: an unbalanced ecosystem can have devastating consequences on all parts of your life. Therefore it is vital that each part is nurtured and look after.

Neglecting even one piece – let alone removing it entirely — can have disastrous effects. Some are immediate, or they might show up in the short or long term. Don’t be fooled: they will show up sooner or later.

  • How long can you ignore your health before it effects your work?

  • How long can you come home tired and frustrated before your partner has had enough?

  • How long can you put aside your hobbies and passions before you realise you don’t even know how to pick it back up again?

Let that sink in.

You are living in a beautiful ecosystem and every single piece of your life serves a purpose to itself and to the whole. Nurture this truth — and watch it change everything. This is the secret of feeling better and living a good life.

This is big work. It is important work. This is the work that won’t do itself. So, are you willing to nurture your ecosystem and begin living your life to the fullest?

Head over and download ‘The Scales of Life’ an easy to use tool that will help you to assess the health of the major areas in your life.

I am so excited to hear how your ecosystem check up goes! Remember to download ‘The Scales of Life’ and start feeling better and make the most out of life.

Comment and share what you thought of how your life is like an ecosystem, and then pass it along to someone else who needs to hear this information too!

Remember you can book a free 45min Your Success Discovery Call and start saying yes to a better life today. Book your place now.

-Nikki Wouters: Coach & Creator

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