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How Your Intuition is like a Treasure Map

Following your intuition is a lot like following a treasure map.

A vague goal —gold, treasure, a find of a lifetime — is calling you forward and while there is no certainty, no guarantee, there certainly is enough possibility to keep you moving forward if you look for it.

You might get the sense that there is more to it than can currently be seen or that you haven’t quite got the whole picture. (This is normal when beginning to work with your intuition so don’t get frustrated or freak out.) And just like a treasure map your intuition might lead you to a pathway that can be helpful but still never fully shows the full picture.

It’s about having faith.

Do this:

Imagine a treasure map if you haven’t already.

The terrain isn’t laid out in much detail, the little spaces between each intuitive leap are full of the unknown and the only discernible features are what we can see a few steps ahead or those we already knew about. And each dotted line is like a burst of intuition the skips you along towards the goal you’re after.

I love that about life. I am also equally frustrated about it. Why can’t you just show me the way, fill the gaps and make this easier?!

But really, who ever —really—promised that life would be easy? Yet somehow that’s the tune we’ve been playing for generations now.

  • The easy way.

  • The quick fix.

  • The short cut.

  • The path of least resistance.

And I am not discounting that sometimes we can find an easier way, and if it is available to us we totally should take it. I am questioning however, the entitlement to an easy ride to our destiny.

Consider this:

If you were told today, in no uncertain terms, you’d have to shed blood, sweat and tears to get your dream how quickly would you say yes?

Even if your first reaction was no (I get it - the conditioning is still firm) would you agree that eventually you’d get fed up, be willing to knuckle down and go for it anyway because at our core we know that while things can be simple, it doesn’t mean it will be easy?

We work for our dreams because we desire their creation more than we fear the pain of their curation. Every time you have made something worthwhile didn’t it feel good to know you worked for it and you committed to this yes because you believed in it?

Our adventures, our destinies, our big dreams and goals are meant for us but only if we choose to walk the path.

Are you ready to walk the path one dot at a time and finally get on your way to finding your treasure?

I’d absolutely LOVE to hear what you thought about this dive into intuition as a guide in life and any aha moments you may have experienced along the way. Share in the comments or reach out directly!

And if you know that this conservation needs to go further so that you can go further too, book a free call where we can connect and chat about your particular dreams and goals and let’s make some magic.

Nikki x

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