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Intuitive Goal Setting for Beginners

I love setting a new goal and I am a bit of a nerd when it comes to planning things out.

The two naturally go together I believe as there is no point in setting a goal if you don’t have a plan on how to achieve it.

Ohhh… there is nothing more satisfying then a perfectly constructed step by step plan.

The Problem:

Now — there is a problem with this though which I am sure you will agree with me on.

No plan ever remains intact to the end.

Name one time you devised a plan and everything went exactly how you imagined. Start to finish no deviations and only success after success? Never. (Or so, so, so, so rarely that I think it is just an outlier and clearly isn’t the norm.)

Now the question ISN’T - why do we set goals and make plans in the first place if they just aren’t going to work out?

We do this because we are powerful women and we desire to live a magical life on our terms.

The question IS - how do we set goals and make plans that will survive them going to shit sometimes?

The Solution:


Today I want to introduce you to setting goals using your intuition. The goals can be big or small, personal or professional, and short or long term.

Intuitive Goals are:

-Based on internal not external drivers

-Focussed on feeling well, not looking good

-Factor in Mind, Body, Soul

-Driven by your highest self, not your current level of self-esteem

It is important to use the above as filters for your goals to maintain the integrity of what you are trying to create in your life.

Because when things go wrong, or not the way you envisioned you are in SUCH a stronger place when the foundation is based in who YOU are and what you desire to create. You will be able to realign, to reconnect and re-establish your place far more quickly.

This is a step one in setting goals. I encourage you to apply it to your current goals and see how they stack up and if you need to adjust them.

Who would be interested in hearing a part two? Let me know in the comments!

And let me know if you want to be more connected with your intuition this year and learn how to Awaken Your Magic!

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Nikki x

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