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Lessons from the Divine Feminine

Last week I was visited by a serpent.

At first, I dismissed this messenger as a figment, a mere distraction and nearly turned away a very pivotal and powerful lesson.

  • Of the true feminine nature and essence that lives within us all.

  • Of a more gracious and sensuous way to move through the world.

  • Of a reminder that forward momentum is never linear and that we lose a lot of the magic available to us when we try and force it to be.

A lesson that I get the pleasure of passing on to you today. My logical mind - and the Ego that resides there - desired to dismiss the serpent as she had only visited me in my mind for but a moment and I wanted more concrete confirmation.

And we all do that at times, don't we?

Ask for our intuition to guide, look for signs and messengers and implore the Universe to provide the next best steps...all the while placing conditions on how it needs to look in order to make it past our barriers.

Convinced that there is a right way and that is must be OBVIOUS and un-refutable.

Lessons from the Divine Feminine

The truth is...

The Divine Feminine speaks softly.

This isn't a conversation about gender - rather we are looking into the energy of creation and intuition. An energy that serves every soul on this planet.

The serpent slithered softly, almost going by unnoticed, and that's part of the gift and the lesson.

Your most powerful moves in life and business will not come through the application of blunt force and rigid adherence instead it will be the result of allowance, of flexibility and subtle movements and adjustments.

You know this to be true because when you are in flow (with money, with creation, with clients, with ideas, with opportunities) - all that is needed of you is to relax, to allow and to go along for the ride.

Which if you've been in masculine overdrive for too long feels unsafe, uncertain and not tangible enough to warrant relaxation.

The truth is...

The Divine Feminine operates in cycles.

If you only give yourself permission to be at ease and to feel safe when everything is going according to plan - then you aren't truthfully operating in faith and trust with your Self, Soul or Source.

The serpent sheds its skin and continues to move forward - sensually, gracefully and deliberately.

Life is full of cycles and so is business. When you begin to notice the subtle shifts and signs and learn to react accordingly you will become empowered even in the midst of change and contrasting events.

Discomfort isn't a sign of failure, but of growth.

You did not sign up for this life path to remain stagnant and in the same place. And you will only feel this way when you are refusing to see what is before your eyes and the signs that are being delivered to you. Look in the direction of your discomfort and start to shed that which no longer serves.

The truth is...

The Divine Feminine carves her own path.

Have you noticed that when you make a plan, get a guide or follow in someone else's footsteps you immediately (or inevitably) want to deviate and go your own way?

The serpent travels via the path of least resistance according to her senses and sensibilities.

Movement and momentum isn't ever truly linear although society likes to sell us on the concept that with the right guidance or preparation you're trajectory can be traced that way.

And there is a place for collaboration, learning and support - of course.

However creation is in essence the birth of something new. A divine deviation from what already exists and this wonderful, magical life and business you are creating is exactly that: the birth of something brand new.

The truth is...

The Divine Feminine is your greatest guide.

To help guide you in the direction of your Divine Feminine power and potential here are a few steps to get you started.

1. Learn to listen to and look for the subtle signs.

The greatest resource you possess is your Intuitive wisdom and connection to cosmic consciousness. And it speaks consistently, softly and truthfully - but you need to pay attention.

2. Embrace the stage you're in now.

The most effective (and graceful) way to navigate through life is to be in allowance of what is and remove the story that is should be a different way. This doesn't mean you can't change the circumstance, but to get somewhere new or need to know where you're starting from.

3. Acknowledge that logic is limited - and lean into intuition instead.

Your logical mind is the result of limited learning, conditional programming and the culmination of what has come before. By allowing yourself to see that thought DOESN'T equal truth you free yourself from slavishly following it.

The true power lies in your ability to listen to your intuitive whispers and then follow them faithfully.

Before we part ways I want to remind you that this IS the natural way of operating and regardless of what has come before you have the power and the capacity to choose to embrace this path.

And you don't need to learn it alone.

Come and join the magical and divine entrepreneurial community of the ​Soul-led & Satisfied Membership​. Together we support each other in realising your full potential and to take consistent and cosmically aligned action in the creation of your desired life, business and reality.

I hope you've enjoyed the Serpents wisdom today - and I'd adore hearing from you about what landed, resonated and left you empowered to take action. You can let me know by commenting below or tagging me over on social media @nikki.wouters.intuition.

Make sure to tune back in and stay caught up - life and business - is about to be a lot more soul-led & satisfied.

Nikki Wouters Intuitive Coach

To take this work further come join us in the Soul-led & Satisfied Membership - the space to find support, education and community going on this same entrepreneurial journey. Sign up or learn more here.​

Nikki x

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