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Limiting Belief Breaker: free yourself from doubt in 4 simple steps

Today’s topic is so significant that every person on the planet has experienced it. That’s huge, right? I even did I whole Facebook Live on it (go check it out after you finish the blog).

And while limiting beliefs are common, that doesn’t mean we have to put up with them holding us back any longer. That is why the ’Limiting Belief Breaker’ was created. It’s a simple solution to a serious issue. So let’s just jump right in!

First, a pep talk. Your potential is phenomenal - I believe that whole heartedly. There is simply no other reason for being here (on earth at this moment) than to experience what that means for you.

-Being the best mum you can be!

-Getting the career of your dreams.

-Sharing your compassionate heart with those in your life.

-Turning that burning idea into a book, a course, a song!

(The potential is simply limitless.)

And it all starts in the same way:

Change your mind.

Change your life.

Change your world.

But— how? First, we look at what limiting beliefs are and then I'll share with you 4 simple steps that you can use right now and any time a limiting belief pops its head up. Think of it like a mental Whack-a-mole (except the moles stop coming back).

Definition: Limiting beliefs are thoughts/stories which are accepted as truths and have a negative impact on our personal/ professional growth.

We have been literally making up stories in our minds for why why can’t learn, grow and live in our potential. Annoying, right? But, it also means that is something completely within your control.

So, here is the simple 4-step formula that is one way to take yourself from being controlled by your limiting beliefs to taking your power back!

Story - the fear + the cost = the chance

  1. Identify the story

  2. Realise the fear driving it

  3. Add up what it is costing you in terms of happiness, growth and opportunity

  4. Decide how you can change and take a chance for a better future and outcome

I have created a simple worksheet that will help step you through this process ‘Limiting Belief Breaker’ — download it here for free.

This formula cuts to the chase. When you know you’ve come down with a pesky case of the limiting beliefs and wish to get back to living up to your potential — use it. It really is that simple.

For those of you that like a demonstration, I’ve put together a simple step-by-step example below.

Limiting belief: I’m too old to start learning a new skill!

Fear: If I try I will fail and that means I might not be good enough

Cost: I won’t get to try something I’m interested in. Also it means I’ll never grow beyond where I am now ( and there’s lots of life left)

The Chance: I can start to explore what I’m capable of and begin to stretch the boundaries of what I thought possible. I’ll build resilience and confidence in my ability to try.

This is not the only way — but I truly believe it is the most simple I have seen. Take the fear out the equation and experience how releasing your limiting beliefs will impact your life for the better.

Comment below with the insights you’ve taken away today and the actions you will be taking to get free from your limiting beliefs.

If you haven’t already - go and download the free ‘Limiting Belief Breaker’ worksheet to help guide you through the process and watch the video where I go into more detail about limiting beliefs and how to use the formula.

You’re worth it and I can’t wait to see you on the other side.

-Nikki Wouters: Coach & Creator

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