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Manifesting Your Non-Traditional Life and Business

Manifesting gets confused a lot with wishy-washy hoping and dreaming - and that couldn’t be further from the truth.

At the core of manifestation is the rock solid belief that you have the capacity, ability and desire to create the reality that you live in. And more often than not when manifesting doesn’t ‘work’ it’s because your foundational beliefs are not supporting what you say you want.

And when we look at it like this the puzzle pieces start to come together.

  • Don’t believe in your ability to do the job = you won’t get the job.

  • Doubt your deservedness in becoming a rich woman = hello, sabotaging behaviour.

  • Question if there are enough clients = bookings dry up.

If you are on the path to manifesting your dream life and business - one that shucks the traditional and conventional structures of the past you MUST start with believing it is possible for you.

You live in a world where a kid became a millionaire from playing a computer game competition. Your desire to travel a few months of the year, create a business you enjoy and own a house are not out of this world, or out of your reach.

The route to a life and business that you absolutely adore, that suits you more perfectly than anything someone else made ever could and is driven by your wants, needs and desires starts within you and it starts today.

Answer the following prompts without limitation in word, thought or scope:

  1. What skills or services would you love to be paid for?

  2. If you weren’t scared what would you be doing differently?

  3. In a years time what would you love to be experiencing?

  4. What would need to happen in order to experience this as reality?

  5. What would you need to believe in order to start heading in this direction?

Take your time with these prompts BUT don’t get caught up on them either. This task is to get you heading in the right direction not fixed in a direction.

  • The journey forward will be flowing and flexible.

  • The Universe will surprise you with how it delivers.

  • The key to manifesting isn’t in the doing but in the believing.

How has the blog given you hope or direction for what is next? Share with me in the comments and speak into the world your truth.

And if you know that this conservation needs to go further so that you can go further too, book a free call where we can connect and chat about your particular dreams and goals and let’s make some magic.

Nikki x

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