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Playful Productivity: finally feel good at work!

There are no guarantees in life, love or business.


And as much as we have been taught that control and certainty will rule the day — it simply isn’t so. There is a lot that is out of our hands when the future comes into the conversation.

So, should you give up on your dreams and do nothing? Of course not!

But if you are currently trying to get your business off of the ground and are constantly left in a state of panic and productivity overload then you probably need an adjustment.

The answer isn’t:

  • Working harder.

  • Doing more.

  • Knuckling down.

  • Nailing it.

There is most likely a part of you rebelling against this idea. “Hard work DOES pay off and pressure makes me perform better!”

Breathe…and let it go.

That’s the conditioning talking. The voice of a society that views us as a means to an end, a cog in the wheel and a commodity to be used.

Playing using their rules gets you no closer to where you truly desire to be and living the life you really a rooting for.

“But…how do I get my work down without succumbing to the productivity pressure??”

I got you, girl!

This is where playful productivity comes in and saves the day!

Ask yourself the following questions and feel welcome to revisit it at different points in the day to see if your answers shift:

  1. What feels like play and fun to you?

  2. What raises your energy and vibe?

  3. What thoughts support a light and carefree perspective?

  4. What are the hardest / most draining parts of your work schedule?

  5. When did you learn that work cannot be fun or playful?

  6. What would it look like to have fun while working?

  7. What would need to change: about your thinking, actions and attitude?

  8. What can you do today that would make your next work task more playful?

While not an exhaustive list of questions I hope your brain has started ticking over and questioning the unwritten rules around work, play and the possibility of connecting the two parts.

Truly take the time to do this work and most importantly — apply it!

You might stumble and fumble, feel silly and fail…and you also might have a great time along the way too. Keep it up regardless. Give yourself the gift of playful productivity and make work fun!

I’d absolutely love to hear from you. What resonated and really hit home for you from today’s blog?

I'd love to help you connect deeper to your intuition and step confidently towards your Big Vision for the future.

Nikki x

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