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Practical Magic: Dream Bigger

Today we talk magic.

Not the rituals and wand waving kind… but the Practical Magic when it comes to connecting to something much greater than yourself. The magic of possibility.

We all like to wonder what could be but how many of us hold firm to those wonderings?

  • Actually put plans into place.

  • Talk about them with conviction.

  • Continue to aim high even in our lows.

  • Keep hope alive regardless of the current circumstances.

I’m not beating up on you here. We all hold back.

You might be thinking:

  • I need to sort out my present before I can think about the future.

  • It’s all well and good to dream - but I live in the real world.

  • Those dreams probably won’t come true anyway.

  • I don’t have time to be off with the fairies!

The ability to dream and plan for your future isn’t a luxury but a necessity.

And more than that - I want to encourage you to Dream Bigger.

I recently shared this concept with a client and I know it will serve you too.

The context:

She was so focussed on getting her product out there and into the hands of a customer so single-mindedly that it had become the centre of her dreams, the only goals she cared about and was the limit of her desire.

The problem:

This short term thinking was setting her, and her business, up for failure in 3 ways.

When she achieved the goal there would be an immediate empty space for what was next.

When she faced challenges it would be seen as a win or fail situation for her whole business.

When she worked on the project it loomed so large that procrastination, avoidance and overwhelm were frequent visitors.

The reality:

My client had shrunk her world so small that what in reality would be a minor milestone in her business journey was like the Big Boss at the end of a game. There was no true perspective on what was actually occurring - making it seem so much harder and larger than it was.

The solution:

Dreaming Bigger and outside her current level of belief or certainty.

Rather than describe what she did - I am going to give you the process so you can complete it for yourself.

1. On a sheet or A4 paper draw 4-5 circles within one another with room to write in between.

2. In the middle circle write your current ‘big goal’.

3. In each of the circles moving outwards write a bigger and more audacious goal.

Not only will this activity put into true perspective your current situation it will also allow you to grow your capacity to hold bigger and bolder dreams.

Today was a biggy- if you’d like to go further into this topic or get some assistance book a 1:1 Mundane to Magic hour with me HERE.

Loved the learnings today? Leave me a comment below sharing how this helped AND what your Bigger and Bolder dreams are!

And if you know that this conservation needs to go further so that you can go further too, join our community over on FB.

Nikki x

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