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Stop sabotaging yourself!

You might be sabotaging yourself if you are doing this one thing.

If you are trying to get towards your results, achieve something or make an impact and you're efforting through resistance and unease then that's where you're going wrong!

This applies to your life, your business, your health and really whatever goals you have.

How to know if you’re doing this:

Look back and think: am I just trying to do more?

  • Learn more

  • Post more

  • Text more

  • Market more

  • Hustle more

This means you're in the mode of efforting and when you haven't done the energy work and you haven't come into alignment FIRST then all that efforting isn't actually helping you.

All that efforting may in fact just be draining you and not getting you any closer to where you would like to be.

You'll know if you're efforting and skipping aligning your energy if it doesn't seem to matter what you do. You may or may not get the result you're looking for but it feels like there's more obstacles in your way than there was before you started and that you are too tired to really do anything about it!

Now you'll know if you've done the energy work before taking action (efforting) because you could be working all day and yet you're as fresh as a daisy or the choices that you're making come easily and without resistance. ‘Hard work’ feels rewarding and satisfying.

How to align before taking action:

Get into a good feeling space (physically, mentally, emotionally) and prioritise a state of balance and ease before approaching your tasks and decisions. This will always result in better experiences and walking that important path of least resistance.

Share with me what has sparked within you - What will it mean for you to release resistance, feel better in the pursuit of your goals and start to achieve your goals with more grace and ease?

And if you know that this conservation needs to go further so that you can go further too, book a free call where we can connect and chat about your particular dreams and goals and let’s make some magic.

Nikki x

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