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The Act of Sacred Creation

Updated: Sep 18, 2023

I want to help you step into your power of Sacred Creation today to enhance how you walk through life, run your business and take ownership of everything that comes your way but first there’s something I have to admit… Yesterday, I nearly sat down to write this letter energetically scattered and a little tired after a day that kind of got away with me due to unexpected events and an unplanned family visit.

Unconscious Belief Systems

The voices in my head still intimately familiar with hustling, striving and that story of ‘I’ve never quite done enough to feel good about stopping here’ were fighting like a pack of dogs over why I had to have it written before bed.

  • It was a ‘good’ productive thing to do.

  • I’d regret not having it done tomorrow (also a busy day).

  • What if something unexpected happened again and it didn’t get done?

  • Why was I like this?

  • I’d never reach the next level in (life, business, wealth etc.) if I was so unreliable!

  • There’s no right answer - so I’d definitely choose the wrong one!

Now, recently I’ve been doing some inner belief work: particularly around how we (humans) are very good at reinforcing our learned version of the world through our conscious and subconscious stories - and I got to see this playing out before me.

In reality - this wasn’t about whether I was right or wrong to complete this letter at that particular time but really how I was caught in a loop of unconscious creation.

This situation was reinforcing to me - whether I knew it or not - that I wasn’t in control, that time wasn’t on my side and how the past choices and experiences had already determined my present and future.

The Act of Sacred Creativity Nikki Wouters Blog

Do you also see yourself in my story?

This micro moment plays out over and over and over again in so many insidious ways throughout our days.

Where we default to undermining thoughts and behaviours that reinforce the idea that we don’t really have control over what comes next. Or, where we passively accept the past as proof the future isn’t really in our control.

I’ve worked with dozens of clients over the past two years that at the start of our contract want to spend more time in session trying to justify their disheartening definition of the world than working on changing it.

Sounds crazy, right?

  • Pay a coach thousands to argue for your limitations and lack of personal resources to truly change.

  • See a glimpse of a new way and the chance for a different path but feel so uncomfortable that they tear it down before committing fully.

It’s not crazy though - it’s conditioning.

And when we break through that the real magic begins.

The Act of Sacred Creation

The Act of Sacred Creation

By this point you’ve realised the presence of unconscious creation in your life and you’re ready to begin consciously creating.

Congratulations, that choice is SIGNIFICANT.

Your true power lives in the conscious choices you make and your willingness to commit (and recommit) to them.

Sacred Creation takes this all a step further.

Rather than simply a cerebral exercise, it becomes a full mind, body and soul experience where ownership of what is happening in your life is front and centre in all areas.

The Sacred Creation Process.

  • No more pushing to be done.

  • No more only caring about the outcome.

  • No more sacrificing joy, energy or contentment.

For a deeper lesson and practical application of Sacred Creation in your business (from posts to products) you can join the Soul-led & Satisfied Membership and watch September’s Bonus Masterclass: Sacred Creation. Join Here.

3 Simple Ways to Access Sacred Creation


When you are Present in the moment you increase your capacity for enjoyment and also the quality of your creation. This is true whether you are creating a blog post or working on your health.

Too often we hold back from enjoying the process - lost as I was yesterday - in the stories around the ‘right way’ to do it, the choices of the past and the consequences of not being on schedule.

What to do: Make it a priority to create from a place of presence.

  • Turn off your phone.

  • Be well fed and hydrated.

  • Create a comfortable environment.

  • Connect to what’s true for you now - and own it.

  • Ask - and deliver on - what would help you enjoy this process.

Permission Slip: I create from a place of presence at all times.


Sacred Creation is also about honouring your place in the process of creation. We are always the centre of our own Universe and the one influencing what comes next - and so the power sits in whether you are going to consciously or unconsciously create.

What to do:

Begin to consciously acknowledge what thoughts, feelings and habits you are bringing into your creation process - and allow yourself to change what no longer works for you.

Permission slip:

I am in control of how, what and why I create.


The process of Sacred Creation ISN’T at the expense of productivity or performance but it also isn’t the most important piece. When we place productivity as the #1 indicator of success we perpetuate a soul-less creation that is outcome focussed. And it implies that to work ‘well’ you should be divorced from the process and focused on the end product.

What to do: Make the process so satisfying and enjoyable that you love working on it! This way you are attuned to your truth, tapped into your power and making rapid progress because there isn’t anything to avoid.

Permission Slip: I am the most productive when I enjoy the process.

Final Thoughts

Sacred Creation cannot be a copy and pasted procedure.

At its core, true Sacred Creation is the fullest expression of YOU and your ownership of what you’re bringing into the world.

I am not the ultimate expert on Sacred Creation, but I trust that today has opened a doorway for you to become your own expert.

As you reflect on what has resonated and your next best steps I’d love to be kept updated. Please share with my in the comments what you realised today - and if you know this would help those in your community or friends group pass it along.

In October 2023, I am running a intimate container to help your learn how to access and tap into your Authentic Voice. Whether to write a novel, love letter or some heart-centred content this will help you become more attuned to what YOU have to say.

To express your interest make sure to reply to this letting me know or email me at :)

Nikki Wouters Intuitive Coach

To take this work further come join us in the Soul-led & Satisfied Membership - the space to find support, education and community going on this same entrepreneurial journey. Sign up or learn more here.​

Nikki x

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