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The Divine Exchange: Inner Work for the Emerging Entrepreneur 

I use the words Emerging Entrepreneur today because…you aren’t really where you want to be.

(And that’s okay.)

butterfly transformation
Like a butterfly still in its cocoon - you’ve grown, you’ve changed and yet...there still remains that essential next step to fully BE the butterfly.
Or in your case, the fully fledged entrepreneur. 

The version of you who walks into a networking room without wondering if you’ve nailed your elevator pitch or what’s going to happen when people ask that inevitable question of: “what do you do?”.

The version of you who understands that living as an entrepreneur is inherently and irrevocably unlike the life of the employee where you not only can’t just clock in and clock out but - amazingly - you don’t even want to.

The version of you who Trusts. 

You trust yourself, your mind, your intuition and your ability to create the life and reality you desire.  

It is so different to who’ve you’ve been for so long so OF COURSE you didn’t just wake up one day in the fullness of your entrepreneur identify. And I want to acknowledge and congratulate you too because you kept going. You didn’t give up and in fact - you persevered. All of the results, the wins and the transformations have come despite being mostly still a caterpillar. 

But now it’s time to finish the evolution. 

Your wings are waiting to be used. 

The Divine Exchange: Inner work for the emerging entrepreneur

The Divine Exchange

So here we come to the part where I give you some practical and also pretty magical advice around what to do about it.

My experience of the Divine Exchange happened over many years, and I hadn’t’ even realised that was what I’d been doing for a long time. Today, I lay it out for you so that it can remain simple and so so so much quicker for you to implement and begin to benefit from. 

To put it simply, the Divine Exchange is about you getting really clear on what you are willing to release in order for you to Become the next version of you.

If you're ready to exchange the old for the new; to create your life rather than simply react to it, I invite you to get super clear on what you're willing to exchange for it.






Old identities.

As you can tell this can go deep and potentially head into some murky waters. If you want a guide with a light and a lot of experience, then consider signing up for some 1:1 Coaching or booking some Intuitive Support so I can help you navigate your way through.

Inner Work for the Emerging Entrepreneur 

Before I did this work, I’d never truly given myself the permission before to choose, to channel and to create what I wanted (rather than simply what I thought I should).

When I discovered the power of living intuitively and creatively, and working within the realm of the Divine Exchange, it wasn't as much work as I thought it would be (but I'll admit it was extremely uncomfortable).

Luckily, there was the part of me (the deeper, truer part) that realised it would be worth it and it all came down to what I was willing to exchange for living life on my terms - and only I could answer that.

✅ I was willing to exchange the discomfort of no longer being busy.

✅ I was willing to exchange the predictability of each day being the same.

✅ I was willing to exchange the cosy bubble of social acceptability.

✅ I was willing to be the student again and admit my ignorance.

✅ I was willing to exchange the avoidance of failure.

And in the exchange I received the peace I needed to find my way and the space necessary to explore the path ahead.

And I began to uncover what I enjoy and rediscovered my spark.

One of the greatest gifts these exchanges have given me was the realisation that only good can come from authenticity and nothing that mattered was truly lost - as it was never meant to be there in the first place.

Your Turn 

  1. What are you willing to exchange for the life and business you desire?

  2. What can you do today to begin showing your self and the Universe that you’re serious?

  3. What support will you need to stay on path and on purpose?

I’d LOVE to hear what you’ve realised through this process so please feel very welcome to respond to this blog via the comments or send me a message on social media. 

By the way, the process of the Divine Exchange can be used for any area of life or business where you realise that you are holding yourself back or carrying baggage around that needs to be let go.

P.S. If you are wanting to book your 2024 Intuitive Forecast do so ASAP as spaces are limited. You can book or find out more about them HERE. 

Nikki Wouters Intuitive Coach

Love, trust and pixie dust.

Your Intuitive Coach,

Nikki x

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