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The Energy of Obligation

The Soul-led Entrepreneurs Kryptonite!

There is nothing more debilitating than infecting your business with the energy of obligation, so let's clear this up for you today.

The Energy of Obligation

The Energy of Obligation

I'm going to start with a pretty obvious statement.

Operating from a mindset and energy of obligation will have a negative impact on you, your life and your business.

This topic has been circling me for a few weeks now and it continued to make its presence known through the conversations I've been having with my private clients, my mastermind and through mirrored events in my own life. It wasn't until I realised that this wasn't simply a few isolated events but evidence of a much more serious and insidious that I decided it was time to dive deep and take you on the journey with me. If you'd like to hear more on this topic in audio format you can also check out this week's podcast episode The Energy of Obligation over on Spotify.


the fact that you are obliged to do something/something that you must do.

On paper obligation isn't all that terrible.

But, like many things in life - it isn't quite that simple.

Operating from obligation energy shows up as resistance, resentment and more often than not a lingering reluctance to do the very things we say we want to do.

  • Like show up on social media more consistently.

  • Or start networking and generating new leads.

  • Or to create certain offers, products and price points.

Most, if not all, of these obligatory actions can be boiled down to 'well it's just what everyone does' or 'I know that's what I should be doing'. And yet...we aren't showing up for it.

Cue the name calling, the 'I'm so lazy' labels and a bunch of bullshit about how you keep letting yourself down.

Your avoidance of obligations aren't the problem - the fact that you have let this low frequency energy slip in IS the problem. Today we clean house and help you get back to honouring this glorious mission and vision you have for your business!

Cleaning up Your Energy

Pen and paper handy because this is work you mustn't skip.

#1 Let's start off by setting the intention to release the energy of obligation and embrace an energy of opportunity.

Take a moment - or ten - and really feel into this intention. Consider the true depth and commitment it will take to consciously create a life that is energetically free and fully in your control.

You may wish to visualise what would change and the impact of this shift. Once you feel grounded into the choice, I recommend closing your eyes, breathing deeply in and out 3 times and then speaking your intention out loud. To take this further write it out on your paper too.

#2 Next, we acknowledge that this will take time.

If you've built a life and business founded on people pleasing, obligations and the expectations of others...this is going to take more than a single blog post to fix.

Not all obligations can be deleted or abandoned overnight. That however is not an excuse to keep them forever. Create a plan to release what you can and commit to work on removing or re-aligning the rest.

To keep yourself on track here make sure to celebrate EVERY success and step.

#3 Finally, we prepare for the relapses.

This is not a one and done. You are undoing conditioning of a lifetime - and within a system that will consistently present you with more opportunities to conform and compromise your authenticity and alignment.

Be prepared to slip back into the energy at times.

And then, with full awareness that that too is part of the path - readjust your energy once more. Don't forget to celebrate #soulwin each time your slip and save yourself.

Why this is necessary work

The way of business is changing. Traditional business presents a box we were never meant to fit into and if you keep holding on to how 'it should be done' you're never going to find out how YOU are meant to do it.

With flow.

With devotion.

With true magnetism.

Forcing, trying to make it happen and forgetting your own divine alignment... well it's totally fucked up.

You desire and you DESERVE to be creating a life and business you love.

This is harder than the traditional way - because it takes the active rewiring of so much conditioning and will require you to confront parts of your self, your past and your story that no longer serve.

It might have already come up today.

This journey might be painful. But you are greater than that pain. And when you are ready to confront that - there is healing waiting for you there too. Had some awesome AHAS? Make sure to comment below or share with me via social media @nikki.wouters.intuition!

Nikki Wouters Coach & Creator

To take this work further come join us in the Soul-led & Satisfied Membership - the space to find support, education and community going on this same journey. Sign up or learn more here.​

Nikki x

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