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The Myth of Making it & how to actually succeed at life

We live in a success driven society.

No surprise there.

Often how well you are perceived is based on how well you are perceived to be succeeding. (Say that ten times fast!) It has become one of those blurred lined situations where it is evident that success of money, fame, wealth and career attainment doesn’t bring about happiness on its own but…we are encouraged to continue to do it anyway.

And we are encouraged to do it in a way that sacrifices our health and wellbeing: two things that we are doing all of this hard work for!

I am not here to tell you not to go for your dreams, or work hard at what you want or believe that you can be more successful than you are now — that would be highly hypocritical of me — however, I will tell you that working to honour a broken system will only lead to a broken you.

Dramatic — not wrong though.

Working harder to get more, means at the very core of it, that every single time you want to grow, expand or experience more than you currently are it comes at a cost.

More money = more of your time.

More opportunity = more of your energy.

More success = more of your freedom.

More of something = less of you.

That is not a system that serves you. You are simply the fuel burned to keep the machine running. Is that why you wake up in the morning — to be used up like an expendable commodity? No, you are worth so much more than that.

So much more.

What does that mean for your life?

To bring it back into focus, when you are told to work harder it might have the superficial effect of success but it isn’t sustainable. Not for life. Not even, for very long.

Sick day.



At what point do you stop and say, I am worth more than that! I deserve more than that!


The answer isn’t about quitting your job or setting aside your dream of a better life. The wish for attainment was never the problem. A desire to be successful isn’t a curse that you need a cure for. You can have all the things in the world — just not at the expense of losing yourself along the way.

So, a new perspective is needed on how you choose to approach it. Allow me to share one such perspective change with you.

The old strategy:

1. Identify the challenge

2. Work harder and longer hours

3. Burnout

4. Rest

5. Repeat

The new strategy:

1. Identify the challenge

2. Connect with how you feel about it

3. Identify how you would like to feel instead

4. Brainstorm ways to achieve that feeling

5. Act upon the one that feels right for you in this moment

This might sound trite, but it still true, life is about the journey.

If every step along the way to your dream life is painful and plodding then you are heading in the wrong direction. Don’t doubt your intuition. If it feels bad — it is.

Feel your way to your future. Trust that your heart knows what you need.

Make sure your next step is heading in the right direction.

Don’t worry, you’ll feel it.

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- Nikki Wouters: Coach & Creator

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