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The Power of a Journal

Sure — we have all been told keeping a journal is a good idea but how embedded is it in your daily practice, your monthly rituals and your annual reflections?

Do you use it as a powerful tool for alignment and reflection?

OR keep it on a shelf gathering dust and doubts about whether you will finally us it ‘correctly’?

This will help you redefine and rediscover the power of journalling. And if you are the kind of woman that has a healthy and strong journalling practice, I encourage you to stay too — I am certain you will appreciate the discussion.

Today we speak about The Power of a Journal on your journey to becoming the magical, powerful and visionary woman you are.

One of my favourite topics I like to talk about with new clients is the fact that words have power. When we speak, we are casting spells out into the Universe letting it know our wants and desires. Calling out to the future and drawing in what aligns with us.

So it is very important that what you put out there IS in alignment.

Too often loose words, unclear intentions and wishy-washy daydreams cloud the pathway ahead.

  • Consider the last time you talked about what you would like to happen in the future and think: was it a carefully curated list of aligned actions and attractions OR a Christmas list of impulses and half-baked fancies that were discarded almost as soon as they were discussed?

There is no need for judgment here — simply awareness.

When you have not taught yourself to be measured with your words this is the result.

The Power of a Journal is that it will help you curate and concentrate the power of your thoughts. Throughout your reflections, intentions and explorations a more mature way of thinking will emerge. Leading you towards certainty and creativity in the journey ahead.


Not all journaling practices are the same. You might be a sentence a day type of woman or a ten-pager or a typer but the point still stands that practice produces results.

What to do next:

  1. Find the time to begin your journal practice.

  2. Make it a non-negotiable.

  3. Reflect (in your journal) how your clarity and attention is increasing.

  4. Notice when you speak out loud and get curious (in your journal) about what this shows about your beliefs, values and standards.

  5. Train yourself to make this practice meaningful and magical — it could change everything.

You might have stories and blocks around journalling and your capacity to stick with it. Trust this is a gift for your mind and a tool to help your future. Do the work and you won’t regret it.

I have absolutely loved sharing this perspective with you today and I want to hear from you. What is your current journal practice like and what would you change about it?

I'd love to help you connect deeper to your intuition and step confidently towards your Big Vision for the future.

Nikki x

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