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The Power of Taking the Leap

Today we are being lead by the Tarot and the first card pulled was The Fool.

I am not even joking. If you know much about the Tarot then you will know that this is the first card in the deck. Crazy, right?

This is cool though — I am taking it as a sign.

A sign that we are all in this moment taking a leap of faith, ready to embark on an epic journey and most of all trust in the Universe to catch us before we fall.

At this very moment I am sitting down at my desk, timer on and trying to type out something that I hope will be useful to others like me out there. There is no evidence at this stage that this blog will even reach another person, that the messages I right will even resonate and if what I have to say needs to be heard.

I am in the midst of a leap of faith.

Poised at the edge of a cliff. Leaning out into the abyss of the ‘what ifs’ and ‘I don’t knows’ that come with starting a new project and really wondering if I am wasting my time.

This is the real cliff in our lives. The one where we are faced with a choice to do the thing, or to turn away. To hide. To deny. To shirk the responsibility of a dream because it is easy when it still just in your head, right?

No one will know if you don’t do it…

It probably wasn’t that good of an idea anyway…

Who do you think you are to…

Mundane thoughts have that tendency to pull us back from the cliff and away from taking the necessary leap of faith. And it is very necessary that you do leap.

Who else has read or heard those stories about people on their death bed and the one thing they regret most is not doing what they wanted in life and taking the risks that now, as they sit on another cliff in life, don’t seem that scary anymore? But…it’s too late. Their time was up, their ship had sailed and for all the dreams they had none were pursued beyond the pillow.

Taking a leap of faith isn’t about putting yourself at risk or jeopardising your safety.

Taking a leap of faith is realising that if you don’t then you are denying yourself, and the world, the gifts that you have. Though it’s more than that. It keeps you up at night. Dissatisfied in a day job that you should be grateful for but you never quite are. Comparing yourself to those brave fools that have struck off on their own and taken the non-traditional route in life. Listlessly scrolling through TikTok and then wondering where the last three hours went for the third night in a row.

And then there are the times when you remember you have something to share or to show and you wonder — should I? But, that isn’t really the right question because yes you should always lean into what you are called to do and learn to back yourself.

So is the question — could I? No…because of course you could. You are smart, capable and worthy of realising your potential.

The question my friends is —will I? Will you decide that this is your time and you are ready for all the greatness and goodness that can come from you stepping forward —yes into the unknown— but really into who you are truly meant to be?

Trust yourself, take the leap, turn from doubt to doing something - anything - ONE thing in the direction of your desire.

And if you’ve come this far with a dream in your heart and a desire to make your life more magical, well, you’ve already started.

Now, keep going.

If you are ready to take that leap of faith further comments below and declare it to the Universe! Ready to take massive action? Reach out and let’s discuss how to can work on this together.

And if you know that this conservation needs to go further so that you can go further too, book a free call where we can connect and chat about your particular dreams and goals and let’s make some magic.

Nikki x

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