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The Role of Sacrifice in Sacred Service

Sacrifice is a concept we are all familiar with - and it can be a double edged sword for those us in the space of Sacred Service (and even those who don’t identify within this space).

We work because it is a calling, our cosmic duty to provide education, illumination and guidance to the world.

For me that calling comes in the form of Intuitive Coaching and Mentoring.

With this purpose comes a responsibility to be, do and have what we are delivering for others.

And along the way there comes sacrifice.

  • Time with loved ones for future prosperity

  • Money for our own levelling up and development

  • Opportunities that present short-term gain at the expense of long-term goals

And for many, we take them gladly, and sometimes sadly, but with the knowing it will be worth it because these choices are powerful stepping stones towards a Vision and future that is worthy of them.

Sacrifice isn’t a dirty word.

Yet…I bet you are also intimately familiar with the toxicity that can come from this space of gain to get. When it tips from balance, space making and duty into scarcity and a need to prove.

A few common markers of this Scarcity driven Sacrifice are:

  • Bargaining: I’ve done this…so I deserve that

  • Begging: Don’t take anymore away from me…I can’t handle it.

  • Bragging: Look at how much I’m willing to endure…this proves I’m worthy of more

Today I invite you to consider the Role of Sacrifice in Your Sacred Service through journalling or meditation:

1. Do you have a healthy relationship with Sacrifice?

2. What would improve and empower this connection?

3. Where is there room for grace and ease in this space?

This isn’t the end of the conversation, and you won’t be ‘fixed’, ‘cured’ or ‘done’ after this one post. What is on the other side however is an opportunity for greater awareness and the chance to do different.

Your Sacred Service is needed - and it deserves to be treated well. With love, light and tender care.

Let me hear from you and I welcome your experience and opinion on this topic.

Want to dive deeper into your intuition and magic? Let's chat!

Nikki x

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