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The Truth about Intuitive Coaching

Today we do a peak behind the curtain.

Intuitive coaching can kind of get a bad wrap because for many people it defies conventional business logic. But, where are the rules? The boxes? The traditional structure and delivery?

And when people don’t understand something immediately, this can trigger a few reactions:

Curiosity (I like this one)




For someone wanting to get into Intuitive Coaching or another business that relies upon your Inner Guidance or Universal Energies this can be confronting.

  • A skill and way of working that comes so naturally to you - that actually makes your more powerful and productive - is being questioned.

  • You are being told to act, speak and produce in ways that feel restrictive and mundane.

  • There isn’t room to create the life and business that feels fulfilling to YOU.

For others who are seeking help and guidance but have been trained that there are right and wrong ways to grow you might not ‘get it’ or know it if will work for you and that’s totally cool.

Let’s talk about what Intuitive Coaching IS and what it ISN’T.

Intuitive Coaching ISN’T:

  • Spiritual BS

  • Someone just winging it

  • Unreliable, wishy-washy or vague

  • Without evidence or proof to back it up

Intuitive Coaching IS:

  • Spiritual as it works on a mind, body and soul (spirit) level

  • The product of professional training and personal talents

  • Rigorous, logical and detailed

  • Heavily researched and often in the lived experience of the coach and their clients

To be completely transparent - Intuitive Coaching may not be for you. Traditional coaching might get you the exact results you desire. This is less about comparison and more about preference.

It relies on a level of trust, transparency and vulnerability on the part of the coach and the client to allow what is most aligned to unfold and when you work with a skilled Intuitive Coach you will feel seen, heard and healed on more levels than you ever knew existed.

As an Intuitive Coach I may be biased here - but I can’t imagine another way to structure my business, my life and my goals.

I am curious to know - what questions do you have about Intuitive Coaching? Drop them in the comments and let’s get you some answers!

And if you know that this conservation needs to go further so that you can go further too, join our community over on FB.

Nikki x

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