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The Work Of Worthiness (Part 1)

This past week I discovered Laura Day - psychic, best selling author and intuitionist to celebrities and corporations alike - and by 'discovered' I mean caught up to the millions (billions?) who already like, know and rave about her.

Or potentially dislike her no BS approach, demystifying of the woo world and no fucks attitude (that’s part of why I like her personally).

If you know her and are wondering what rock I was living under - let me know when you reply to this email!

It was on a powerful podcast with Rachel Hollis and to cut to the chase, what blew me away was someone SO gifted, SO talented and SO psychic who was SO willing to constantly take herself off the pedestal and share how that same magic was available to everyone.

The Mental AHA Moment

Up until that moment I hadn’t fully realised how strong the story in my head was about the US vs THEM mentality when it came to being an expert online; especially about being an expert intuitive/psychic/woo-er type.

Worried about my Worthiness

Not psychic enough.

Not love & light enough.

Not bad-ass-bitch enough.

Not predicting the future enough.

Not effortlessly manifesting millions enough.

If only I could show everyone how much GREATER I am…

I invite you to consider this in your industry and area of expertise.

Where are you assuming separation is the solution?

The Worthiness Issue

Because this isn’t just a me problem, but a social programming problem.

The unconscious programming of:

“You need to make yourself seem special, to stand out, to be MORE than them or the competition.” is playing in the background of our minds muffled by another conditioned thought of: “That’s just how you need to be in business.”

And somehow, there plays a third tune that pipes up whenever it feels like it (often at the most inopportune times) which simple cuts us down with a: “And who do you think you are anyway?”

And it leads us like lambs to a slaughter into a competition of worthiness.

A competition that no one wins by the way.

Because it assumes there IS a hierarchy of worthiness and it is a sticky trap to fall into. Like that morality story about the crabs in a bucket and whenever one tries to climb out the others pull it back down.

Who do you think you are? crab

When we operate under the premise that there is a limited amount of space at the top and you need to claw, fight and prove your way to the top - no wonder so many heart-led, service driven and GOOD people like you and me have been finding the ride so rough and the times so tough.

But what if there was another way?

Let me introduce you to The Work of Worthiness.

The Work of Worthiness

The Work of Worthiness is exactly that: the conscious choice to work at feeling into and feeding your own sense of worth and value. To make it ABUNDANTLY clear that you are just as deserving as everyone else - not more and not less.

And it means we need disconnect ourselves from the pedestal frame of mind.

When you stop trying to get the one spot at the top, you realise there are infinite places in the sun.

  • It’s time to find your spot.

  • It’s time to shine your light.

  • It’s time to know your worthiness.

  • It’s time to live and work abundantly.

Your conditioning will flare up and it will offer you reasons why this can’t be true:

“But the market IS saturated - I need to stand out.”

“All the gurus teach us that we need to position as the expert.”

“But if I AM worthy - wouldn’t I have already made it by now?

When this happens (especially if it is right now) I want you to check in where you’re operating from.

Is it fear?

Is it anxiety?

Is it sadness?

It is easy to view our thoughts as facts but they aren’t.

Our thoughts are reflections of our experiences, our conditioning and our habitual thinking. And habits can be changed.

Next week I am going to dive deeper into what that work looks like and some practical tools, tips and takeaways for you to begin embedding them into your mind, body, soul and business ASAP. So stay tuned for Part 2!

For now, I invite you to some soft contemplations…


✍️ Where am I in proving or competition mode?

✍️ How can I begin to show up as I am - rather than as I ‘should’ be?

✍️ If I were to fully believe I am worthy - what would change?

Magic Maker, I can’t do this work for you.

Please do yourself a favour, and if this resonated today, take the time to ask these questions and begin to head in a new direction.

The Work Of Worthiness Part 1

Of course, if you’d like a guide on this journey I’d love to be that person for you.

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Nikki Wouters Intuitive Coach

Make sure to tune back in and stay caught up - life and business - is about to be a lot more soul-led & satisfied.

Nikki x

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