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Transform your relationship with work

Shout out to my ladies that are working to better themselves, their lives and create that Big, Bold, Beautiful Vision you are holding close.

I see you.

I adore you.

I want to help you.

Today we speak about a taboo topic.

An area of life that restricts so much of the love, joy and contentment that is available to us — and we don’t even know that a different way is possible.

At least, that was how I felt for a long time.

When I thought of work, it sounded like this:

  • Well if I want to get it done, I gotta do it myself

  • There is always more to do and it will never be done

  • Progress means sacrifice and I don’t have any more to give

  • At what point will it just become all too much? (Probably soon…)

The TABOO part of work - is that we are allowed, often encouraged, to complain about it but NEVER think that you can really change it.

“It’s the system - we didn’t make it but we have to live in it!”

F **k that noise.

The biggest lie we were ever taught it that carving our own path is a bad thing and we will become isolated, alone and eventually come crawling back into the fold. And you might even think…but…that has happened: to me, to a friend, to my cousins second uncle.

That only proves how ingrained this pattern is - not its validity as a way of life.

Let’s rally and rail against a path that is designed to take you from birth to the grave in a steady trudge of complacency.

The 3 most powerful tools you have in carving your own path are already available to you.

Your Mind, Body and Soul.

They have the power to tell you what’s not working, the wisdom to lead you in a new direction and the strength to support you when times become tough.

This journey starts today and continues every day thereafter. For those wanting a guide (message me babe) and for simply needing to be validated and encourage (I give that to you as well).

Begin here and journal on these prompts:

1. What pervasive thoughts keep arising around my work (past/present/future)?

2. How does my body feel and respond to work (before/during/after)?

3. When I daydream what comes up for me?

4. What might these answers reveal about my next best steps?

Thank you for taking the time out of your busy day to consider a different way forward. Let me know what resonated today.

I'd love to help you connect deeper to your intuition and step confidently towards your Big Vision for the future.

Nikki x

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