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Unlocking the Magic: Embracing the Alchemy of Life, Business, Love, and Creativity

Everything is Alchemy.

This is the sole sentence that graces my whiteboard in my office after the decluttering that occurred last week; when I wiped all surfaces clean, tidied up the scattered papers on my desk (holding whispers of ideas, classes, courses and many more mundane pondering) and released all ties and attachments to what I had determined MUST BE.

[Holy Moly that sounds grandiose - and maybe a little wanker-y. But sometimes life likes to romanticise itself and that’s okay.]

Whether a gift from this eclipse season, a remnant of the fourth quarter restructuring I’ve recently done or simply an impulsive need to procrastinate-clean this is the sentence that now greets me each day.

Written in untidy green marker:

Everything is Alchemy.





Are you ready for where this could take you?

Unlocking the Magic: Embracing the Alchemy of Life, Business, Love, and Creativity

What is Alchemy?

noun - A seemingly magical process of transformation, creation or combination.

definition of alchemy

To me, using the word alchemy transcends mere personal development, self help or professional mastery into what it truly is - a process that is as much intangible as it is tangible, that asks you to evolve internally not simply externally and inherently grounds me into the fact that I can DO all I want but there are forces at work that are also completely beyond my limited human comprehension.

Which used to freak me out and shut me down.

Old me: If I am not 100% in control or able to be in control…then I will never be safe, never be successful and never be sure of what’s coming.

Present me: How glorious! We can take care of what we know, what we can and what we want - and the Universe can take all of the rest!

Future me: …dude, don’t even pretend to know what we will know. Let it unfold.

As you can probably tell, I’m having fun in this season of my life simply seeing how playing with all of the pieces and parts very intuitively and curiously leads to new things.

New ideas.

New opportunities.

New relationships.

New pathways.

New mysteries.

And today, I want to share some of the magic that is emerging due to this shift in the hopes that you too will find some meaningful actions to take back into the sanctity of your own lives.

Embracing The Alchemy


A visual that just landed for me was the concept of a chain of dominoes that are all lined up and ready to fall to the momentum of the one before it.

But rather than conceiving of ourselves as the very first one, we live somewhere along the chain.

Our importance is in playing the part of the process* of allowing the momentum of the Universe, our past actions, the choices that have come before and the urging of our desires to cumulatively propel us into conscious action (our ‘present self’ domino).

And this takes the pressure off.

You don’t need to go 0 to 100.

You don’t need to force everything forward.

You don’t need to even know what the next domino is yet.

There is freedom (magic) in the full Fuck Yes acceptance of only what you are called to do now and so you can show up fully for it.

*Being a part of the process doesn’t diminish your power and this analogy isn’t intended to imply that you don’t have free will or a say in what happens. But it does bring up some interesting self reflection doesn’t it?

Where do we go from here?

Life is ever unfolding and never ending.

How beautiful it is, to be amongst this mysterious creation, a part of it and a part from it.

There is a lot of peace and grace when we allow ourselves to go with it - to no longer be working against it.

What could this mean for you?

Where might this invite you to play?

Who will you become in the releasing and the allowing?

#1 Consider the plans and intentions you hold for your business.

When it comes to the ingredients - the elements - that make up your business, are you in full alignment with them? Or, is this the opportunity you’ve been waiting for to explore new paths, apply different strategies or take a leap…and see where you land?

#2 Your creative pursuits.

Well, firstly are you even pursuing them or have they been placed on a back burner for some other time that is less busy with the chores of life? Or, have you dipped a toe in but not yet fully ready or willing to submerge yourself into their infinite depths?

#3 Your love connections.

From family, to friends to that fiery passionate embrace of a lover - is the magic present? Do you feel yourself falling a part and coming back together with what is being co-created here…or has it grown stale and dormant?

#4 Life. The glorious everything that if Life.

Does is feel glorious? Are you aware of the potential in each moment, each breathe and each blink of the eye? Or, has this too lost the sparkle - the specialness - the sacredness…

I hope these rub you in the right ways and inspire you to more insights.

And as I love to say in the Soul-led & Satisfied Membership, this is simply the start of the conversation. Continue it in your mind, in your life and with me if you so choose.

Keep it alive and thriving until it has fully served you.

My invitation to You, dear reader.

To not force any of this into your life or to take it on whole and unconsciously as your own but use today’s blog as an invitation to ask bigger and bolder questions about life and your place in it.

And to lovingly be open to experiencing the free fall feeling of playing with the Universe in sacred co-creation.

Perhaps, you might even come up with your own definition of Alchemy and try it on - in your life, your business, your relationships, your creativity. (And then hopefully share it with me so we can all expand further.)

Final Thoughts

Embracing the Alchemy of Life, Business, Love, and Creativity starts with the opening up to the more-ness that exists all around us through a simple commitment.

I am the Alchemist of my life.

I am open to experiencing magic.

I am committed to the infinite potential of life.

Thank you for joining me on this vision quest-y adventure into the power of Alchemy in your life.

Nikki Wouters Intuitive Coach

To take this work further come join us in the Soul-led & Satisfied Membership - the space to find support, education and community going on this same entrepreneurial journey. Sign up or learn more here.​

Nikki x

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