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Use Magic to Create your Ideal Life

That’s right you heard correctly - I said you should use magic.

Like, magic magic?

Well…yeah. Let me show you how.

First let me say this:

If you are feeling a little skeptical about this topic then you are not alone.

In fact, I (yes, me) would have at one time scoffed at this very topic.

Not because I didn’t want to believe in magic. Not even because I didn’t think it was possible. I just honestly didn’t think that I was capable of doing it.

* I wasn’t magic enough.

* I didn't feel special enough.

* I didn’t have ‘it’…whatever that was.

And I am going to take a guess that some of you feel the same way.

Magic is:

Now, magic is so many many things and it can be felt, seen and experienced in so many different ways so let’s not get caught up in a singular definition or distinction.

This discussion is about the the fact, the choice even, to use magic to help you create your ideal life.

And whether that is through rituals, visions boards, spells, Tarot Cards, scripting, scrying or any other method is not relevant here because what I desire for you to do by the end of this post is to decide to use magic to shape your life, your choices and your reality.

No biggy.

When you open up to the possibility of magic and wonder, curiosity and possibility, and all the fantastical things in between you show up different in life. People are drawn to you. Energy shifts. Events align. Miracles happen.

And it all starts with the choice of magic.

Jazz it up all you like - wear a witches hat if it helps - but start today.

Declare it:

Declare to the Universe, that you are choosing magic and it is going to help you create your Ideal Life.

Magic is for me.

I declare it.

So mote it be.

Write it down. Sing it out. Meditate on it.

Do you, witchy boo.

If this post was right up your alley, I am personally inviting you to my Awaken Your Magic 6 Week Course. For more details send me a message or reply to this blog.

We begin 7th February

*Early Bird signup $333 (save 50%)

*For Women who are ready to level up in life

Let me know in the comments if you want to be more connected with your intuition this year and learn how to Awaken Your Magic!

Nikki x

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