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Why Cookie-Cutter Business Plans Fail

This is a topic that every business owner has to come to terms with at some stage!

That’s a ballsy claim but I stick by it.

We are talking about why Cookie-Cutter Business Plans Fail when it comes to creating, maintaining and flourishing in your business.

There was a time (and to be honest sometimes I still fall into the trap) of wanting to find the PERFECT strategy.

This damsel-in-distress mentality on the surface doesn’t appear to be that bad however at the core of it lies a giving up of your power, agency and ability to decide what’s best for you.

Why we still ask for Cookie-Cutter:

  1. There are people who know more than you: so it makes sense to get advice.

  2. You’re tired of not knowing the answers.

  3. On the surface it seems easy and like there is no way it won’t work!

  4. If things go wrong, well at least it’s not because of you.

  5. Business is hard enough - so why can’t this at least be easy?

Why those are BS (we will take it one by one):

1. Advice is good yes BUT...

Looking to those who have achieved what you want can ease the process and actually help you take more action and keep your momentum. However, their process is PERFECT for THEM. You need to be willing to take advice and deviate where it no longer serves or aligns with you.

This comes with practice and with knowing you, your goals and your business. Check out the last blog for how to move back into alignment.

2. Let’s be real: this is a shitty reason to give up your power.

Wanting for it to be easy, to be done and to be over comes from a place of frustration and lack.

What you actually need when feeling these feelings is to examine your frustration and soothe yourself. This is a sign you might be overworking, over-expecting and not taking care of yourself. You are powerful but only when you are happy and healthy. So make you a priority then revisit what actions need to be taken in your business.

3. All strategy needs to be adjusted.

You are not a machine, and neither is your business. Be inspired by a plan but then tweak!

Consider the following to get started:

What can you achieve with your energy levels?

What can you implement with your resources (personal and professional)?

What are you willing and not willing to do?

What might need to change to make this work?

4. Your business is your responsibility.

Even if you pay a coach 1 million dollars you are responsible for your results.

5. This might sound a little cliche but: mindset is everything.

Rather than everything is difficult - everything is a challenge to help me grow!

Rather than this is too hard - this is an opportunity to expand!

Rather than why can’t it be easy? - I am earning my rewards!

Today was a longer one, and there was a lot of juice in there. Take the time to re-read it and really ask yourself what did I need to hear and where do I need to own my own behaviours and thinking?

This is your chance to step up and really start claiming your space as a business owner - don’t skip it.

Let me know what landed, what you needed to hear and share this post with 1 more person who you want to see succeed in their business too!

And if you know that this conservation needs to go further so that you can go further too, join our community over on FB.

Nikki x

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