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Why you need to clarify your Vision NOW

Let’s talk about how you got here.

  • Did you see the title and know this was for you or maybe you stumbled over the post or had it recommended by a friend?

  • Was Facebook being weird and showing you stuff that you’ve been talking about, or are you on my mailing list and saw the update?

Regardless of the how - the why is what I really want to talk about.

You have a Vision and the level of clarity around it is going to be directly responsible for how quickly, easily and accurately it comes into your reality.

(Let's do this!)

Getting clear on your Vision has many benefits:

  • Allows you to plan for the future

  • Directs you when you are off path

  • Brings light at the time there only appears darkness

  • Repels what isn’t for you and attracts what totally is for you

  • Brings you into alignment with opportunities and people that will help

So - you know why it is important, you know why it is necessary and you know why you should do it.

Now let’s look at what might stop you:

  • There can be a lot of shaming and blaming around how long it’s taken to get to this point

  • If we get real about what we want…the current reality can get very uncomfortable

  • We take responsibility and with that comes expectations

  • The future seems uncertain and unpredictable

  • Backlash from those around us

I believe it doesn’t help to avoid these uncomfortable truths and there is power in the confrontation of our fears.

To add a sense of urgency -and address why you need to clarify your Vision NOW - I put to you this single question.

Do you want to live a life driven by fear or love?

You are powerful, you are ready and your success is inevitable!

Thanks for sharing your thoughts in the comments, and this post with your friends who also need to hear this message.

Nikki x

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