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13 Things I learnt about Business in 2022

It’s never too late to look back at where we’ve come from so here are 13 Things I learnt about Business in 2022.

Self reflection is a very important part of life whether you are in business or not - so I encourage you to make the conscious choice to reflect and re-assess at least once or twice a year. This not only gives you perspective about how far you’ve come but it can also help you recalibrate where to go next.

1. Less is more because you can do more with less.

Truly - this one came through right at the end of 2022 and it really set me back on course. Too often in the emerging and growing stages of business we are trying a million things and not knowing which is working or why. This can create a false belief that there is ‘something else out there’ that will be the perfect product/service/strategy.

Rather than keep looking outwards, I learnt that what I really needed to do was choose my focus. And then pour my freed up time and energy into that direction.

2. The first idea was probably the right idea.

Similar to #1 this lesson was around skipping the shiny object thinking pattern and instead increasing the quality of my work. More often that not previously I had been waiting (subconsciously) on stumbling across the ‘perfect’ idea or receiving a complete download that just felt right start to finish.

This kept me from developing ideas and focussing on attaining the level of quality I was seeking to bring to my clients.

3. If you’re not ready to scale - don’t.

When it comes to business we are all told to scale, hire and upgrade as soon as possible - and so that was where my focus was. This resulted in me increasing my productivity and output (especially in the area of content creation) to a degree where I NEEDED to outsource the workload if I wanted to keep it up and get the rest of my work done.

After re-assessing where I wanted most of my focus to be (serving clients not creating content) and that I didn’t actually want to hire yet - I realised that it was safe for me to decrease my content, increase my client service and keep that high production process for when I wanted to hire.

4. Canva is amazing.

After the initial learning curve, Canva has turned out to be one of the most utilised resources in my business. Unlike some of the technology upgrades I made, moving to the paid version of Canva was a smart investment.

With the amount of templates and resources available within the one platform it has been used weekly to create posts, workbooks, banner, PowerPoints and marketing materials it is now a non-negotiable expense.

5. You don’t need to be perfect at sales to make a sale.

Of course learning about sales (and practicing it) is important. BUT I learnt that the biggest determining factor in making a sale is value, vibe and verification. When I am on a sales call with a potential client who meets these criteria and they are a match for me and my services it becomes so much easier.

Prior to this my approach was - OMG, play it cool and hope I say all the right things to make the sale. Not cool.

6. Investments isn’t just about the money.

Hiring a coach or being hired as a coach isn’t about how much it costs. This was significant for me because for a long time I was still equating the price with my commitment (and guaranteed results). After signing up for a $40k coach and NOT achieving the outcome I desired I learnt that you can change more from a free session that is aligned than spending thousands of dollars with someone on a different wavelength.

Now I approach my investments (and those investing with me) with a much more holistic perspective: the value mind, body and soul - not just money.

7. Strategy isn’t meant to be static.

Looking for the perfect strategy? The one you never have to tweak, change or upgrade? Yeah - I was too until I realised it was keeping me from ascending.

Nothing in life stays the same and that includes me! So when I finally got on board with the idea that the goal wasn’t to create a perfect strategy but to use one that worked for me NOW was pivotal. This relieved pressure, removed perfectionism and pushed me to try new things.

8. Service is Sacred.

When I am working with a client there is a transaction - it’s business after all. The lesson for me here was that I am a better coach and mentor when my attention is on serving. When The Coven or The Membership are in session I am 100% PRESENT and honouring the moment.

If my brain is stuck in “this is more than they paid for” or “how can I position this pitch” it removes me from service. Details can come later. The moment is for the magic.

9. Success is what and when you make it.

10k months don’t mean anything if you aren’t creating the business you desire. There was a time when my focus was purely on reaching that external goal - like it would suddenly make everything else easier and better. The first month reaching 10k though felt exactly the same. I had the same issues, gaps and goals…just a little more money that month.

Success needs to be personal and it needs to be powerful enough to drive you to continue whether you achieve it or not. AND if success can be something you feel rather than something you find you are going to be soooo successful.

10. Life must come before business.

At the end of 2021 I left teaching and stepped full-time into my business and for about 6 months I had my fingers crossed that I wouldn’t have to go back. It made me overwork, and I felt unable to give myself a break let alone enjoy my life.

The big lesson I learnt here is that I want my business to support my life - so that I can LIVE it. If you are too busy for life…there’s something off.

11. Identity as a business owner is VERY different to an employee.

At the start of my business I still very much had an employee mindset. Which makes sense because I HAD been an employee for 15 years. In 2022 I really got to see the limitations of this identity though.

Business owner means taking on the wins and the woes. Showing up always and knowing that personal growth directly relates to business growth. Being at the heart of may business on so many levels was an eye opener - and necessitated conscious inner work to get into alignment.

12. Business gets to be what you want it to be.

This one took a while. There was a LOT of ‘shoulds’ driving my choices at the start from marketing, to products to the way I dressed! And also there was the assumption that if I was toooooo different that I would be getting in my own way.

Fortunately, I noticed that when I was more relaxed and genuine so too was the response. People truly want to know me and go along the journey with me. Authenticity wins every time.

13. There’s always a bigger dream

2022 showed me that having a profitable business was possible. Then it showed me that so much more was available to me once I caught my breath and looked up. There is always another level, a next step and a higher mountain to climb.

And I’m excited to discover them.

Wow! Some MAJOR lessons in 2022. I encourage you to complete the same activity and because sharing is caring - come back here and let me know what YOUR 13 things were!

And if you know that this conservation needs to go further so that you can go further too, join our community over on FB.

Or become a member of Soul-led & Satisfied - THE membership for entrepreneurs who are ready to have it all.

Nikki x

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